Задания 18-26


Bella was a good student. She ___ENJOY___ learning but she always started to feel very nervous when she had to write tests. That Monday ___NOT/BE___ a lucky day for her and she realised it as soon as she came into the classroom.

“Oh, no! I ___LEAVE___ all my pens at home.” She turned to Jenny: “Have you got a spare pen?”

“Let ___I___ see,” Jenny opened her bag and pulled out a pen. “I’ve got this one. But it’s green.”

“Give it to me anyway,” Bella said. “If I don’t find a proper pen, I ___WRITE___ in green ink. I hope it won’t affect my grades.”

When the teacher handed out the tests, Bella felt even ___BAD___ than she had felt before. The test was really long – the tasks ___PRINT___ on both sides of the page! Bella did the first task quickly, but the ___TWO___ one was a real problem. Bella got panicky. Time ticked on but she ___NOT/CAN___ concentrate on the tasks.




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