ОГЭ-3108 — Answers


Задания 18-26


Anna was glad that the academic year was about to finish. Like most ___CHILDREN___ she was looking forward to the summer but not because she wanted to relax. Her plans ___WERE___ ambitious. Anna wanted to buy a professional digital camera and it wasn’t easy to save enough money.  Anna had already chosen the model she wanted. Her dad said that he ___WOULD_GIVE___ her the camera in a couple of years. But Anna ___COULD_NOT___ wait so long, she needed it right then. “If I ___HAD___ it now, I would be able to take part in the Professional Photograph Competition. Everyone says I’ve got talent,” she said to herself, looking at the magazine where an article about the competition ___WAS_PUBLISHED___. While she was reading the article for the ___SECOND___ time, a brilliant idea came to her – why not take up a summer job as a photographer? She reached for the phone and dialed the number of the ___LARGEST___ photography agency in the town. “Hello, can I help you?” the woman’s voice sounded encouraging and Anna ___THOUGHT___ that she probably had a chance.



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