Задания 18-26


The phone woke Kim up. She answered the call almost immediately, after the ___THREE___ beep, because she was expecting her mother to call. But it wasn’t her. The voice on the other end of the line sounded familiar but Kim ___NOT/CAN___ remember who it belonged to.

“Hello,” the lady said. “Can I speak to Mrs. Len?”

“I’m sorry but she’s not at home. She’s out. She ___WALK___ in the park.”

It was very cold out-of-doors and everything ___COVER___ in snow but Kim’s mother walked in all weathers. She believed that it ___HELP___ her keep fit and gave her extra energy. She actually looked younger than other ___WOMAN___ of her age and that was probably because of her walking.

“Can I take a message?” Kim asked politely.

“No. I ___CALL___ her later. When is she going to be back?”

“She normally ___COME___ home at five.”

“Fine,” came the answer and the phone went dead.

Kim felt a bit hurt. “It’s not polite to break off a conversation like that,” she thought to herself. If I ___BE___ older, I would explain to that lady how to talk to people politely.”




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