ОГЭ-3106 — Answers


Задания 18-26


Kitty lived next door to me and we’d been friends since childhood. We learnt at the same school and ___WALKED___ there together. I was sixteen and she was four years ___YOUNGER___ than me. But we had a lot in common and enjoyed chatting on ___OUR___ way to school. Every morning Kitty knocked on my door and I had to be ready by that time – she ___DID_NOT_LIKE___ waiting for me. One day she didn’t knock. When I caught up with her at the bus stop, she ___WAS_READING___ a magazine and didn’t even look at me. I ___COULD_NOT___ understand what was going on.

“Hey, Kitty, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking to ___ME___?”

“You yourself know why,” Kitty said angrily.

“No, I don’t. I wouldn’t ask you if I ___KNEW___.”

“You went to the cinema with Lisa Parker yesterday,” Kitty was almost crying.

I felt puzzled and didn’t know what to say. The two ___WOMEN___ at the bus stop looked amused at our conversation and didn’t hide their smiles.



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