Задания 10-17


Michael could not imagine his life without computers. His parents ___BUY___ him his first computer at the age of seven. It took ___HE___ several days to learn how to use it. His mum said that the younger people were, the ___FAST___ they could learn computer skills. That was probably true – most ___CHILD___ in Michael’s class were very competent computer users. Michael was really surprised to find out that the first personal computer ___INVENT___ in the 70’s of the last century.

“And how did you chat or send your e-mails without computers?” he asked his mother.

She smiled: “We ___NOT/SEND___ each other e-mails. And there were no networks.”

She also said that it ___BE___ fun to communicate face-to-face, to play out-of-doors and to visit friends’ homes.

“But if there ___BE___ no computers, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with my friends who live far away from me,” Michael replied.

“True. Technological progress is a great thing,” his mother said “And I think people ___CREATE___ even more amazing communication devices in the near future.”




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