Задания 10-17


We arrived at the lake very early. It was cold but in spite of that there were several ___MAN___ there. Dad pulled our fishing rods out of the rucksack and we joined the others.

“Hey, look what I___CATCH___!” a man sitting several metres upstream proudly showed us his bag. There was a large fish in it.

“Good job,” Dad ___SAY___ and everyone became quiet again.

“How long do we have to wait? When will they bite?” I whispered.

“I ___NOT/KNOW___,” Dad whispered back and a moment later he was holding a little, silver fish.

“See?” he turned to me. “But this one is too small. We’d better let it go and wait for the next one.” And he let ___HE___ fish go.

The second fish was ___BIG___ than the first one and soon Dad caught a few more.

“If it goes on like this, mum ___COOK___ us a great dinner,” he said.

We kept fishing till noon but I didn’t catch anything ___I___ and got really bored with it. To me, it ___BE___ a stupid waste of time but I certainly wasn’t going to tell Dad that. He wouldn’t have liked it.




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