ОГЭ-3101 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


Tim woke up later than usual. It was Sunday and he ___HAD___ lots of plans for the day. He was in the bathroom cleaning his ___TEETH___ when he heard some unfamiliar voices from the veranda.  “Who could they be?” Tim ___THOUGHT___. When he came into the room, his mum and two other women ___WERE_CHATTING___ happily and didn’t notice him. Tim coughed to attract ___THEIR___ attention. “Oh, Tim, you’re up already!” his mother sounded excited. “Meet my school friends, Linda and Emma.” Linda shook his hand, Emma smiled and said: “We ___ARE___ happy to meet you, Tim.” Your mum showed us your photo, but you are much ___YOUNGER___ there. Join us for tea. I wish we ___COULD___ talk about our school days for ages, but we have some other business to discuss with your mother. It’s going to be interesting for you, too.” Tim sat at the table. Emma had some papers in her hands but Tim couldn’t read what ___WAS_PRINTED___ there – the letters were too small.



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