Задание 9


  1. A reason for change                                                                                        5. A perfect start to the day
  2. Souvenirs for coffee-lovers                                                                           6. The sources of the coffee beans
  3. Setting up the business                                                                                  7. Nature friendly company
  4. A traditional taste                                                                                            8. Clients’ voices are heard


A. The first Starbucks opened in Seattle, Washington, 1971. Three friends, who all had a passion for fresh coffee, opened a small shop. They began buying and selling fine coffee, for which people travelled from all over the country. It wasn’t a café at that time. It was a shop selling coffee and special coffee equipment.


B. In 1981 Howard Schultz joined the Starbucks company and became its leading manager. He once went to Italy and was impressed by the coffee culture he found there: people were sitting in beautiful cafés enjoying their cups of coffee for hours. What he saw made him think about Starbucks as a café. He decided to turn the Starbucks shops into fashionable and romantic coffee bars.


C. Mornings are always good when they include a healthy breakfast. But eggs, bacon, porridge, bread – who has the time to cook? Fortunately, Starbucks can solve this problem. The coffee shop offers delicious breakfast sandwiches and cakes with your morning coffee. You can choose from 8 varieties on the menu. It will really be a good morning!


D. Starbucks today is working hard to develop their recycling program. Their cups are made partially from recycled paper. More and more Starbucks cafes today serve drinks in china cups. What’s more, the company encourages people to bring their own cups and mugs for coffee. If there are fewer paper cups used, it will help keep our forests alive.


E. Starbucks coffee is grown and bought from three different regions around the world. One group comes from Asia, the second from Africa and the final one from Latin America. All in all, the company buys its coffee from 24 countries. Each kind of coffee has its own special taste and aroma which you can try and enjoy at any Starbucks café.


F. If you want to bring a piece of Starbucks home, why not buy one of their special cups or mugs? You can choose from a classic white coffee mug or a mug from a limited collection or a mug with the seasonal design. For those who are ready to show their love for Starbucks, there are caps and T-shirts and even scarves. You can find all of these in almost every coffee shop.


G. “MyStarbucksIdea.com” is the first social website from Starbucks. In this way the company hopes to be closer to those who buy their coffee. They want to know their views and opinions about the prices, the service and the quality of the coffee. Anyone can enter the site, make a comment or suggest something. These ideas will help Starbucks to improve.








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