Задание 9


  1. The song of the winners                                                                                 5. An impressive show
  2. An annual music festival                                                                               6. Music in the classroom
  3. Music of the future                                                                                          7. The old music hit
  4. Two sides of the same coin                                                                           8. Music for advert


A. Edinburgh Tattoo takes place every year in August in the capital of Scotland. It is an event when military music is played by different bands from all over the world. It also includes traditional dances, bagpipe melodies, songs and a horse parade. All this is accompanied by the sounds of national Scottish music.


B. Using music can make the learning process more enjoyable and effective. You can introduce a new topic with music. It may be a great way to improve vocabulary and make students start thinking in the right direction. If students are doing a grammar exercise, you may play some music in the background, and this will help them concentrate.


C. The performance Lady Gaga gave at Manchester was called “The Monster Ball”. It was a really strong and loud concert, consisting of four parts. The singer changed costumes 15 times. The “special” effects included a big sea monster and a grand piano which was burnt to pieces. The audience was just going crazy with every new song, it was no doubt a thrilling performance.


D. Are words important in a song? Some people say they don’t matter much. A song is music and you enjoy listening to the melody and don’t pay attention to words. On the other hand, a musician expresses himself through words, so they also matter. The words give meaning to a song and touch people’s feelings.


E. The most common song for English speakers on New Year’s eve is “Auld Lang Syne”. When the clock strikes midnight, people join their hands and start singing. However, few of them remember that it’s an old Scottish song first published by the poet Robert Burns. The Scots also sing it on January 25th when they celebrate Burns’ birthday.


F. It’s typical to use music in advertising on radio and television. A lot of companies have jingles. They are short songs or tunes that attract customers. A jingle is quick to remember and usually has very simple words. The melody should be easy to sing and cheerful. The jingle must give a positive image of the company. A good example of it is McDonalds’ “I’m lovin’ it”.


G. “We Are the Champions” is a ballad performed by the British group “Queen”. It has become one of the most famous and widely used songs. It is also regularly played to celebrate sports victories. The song can be heard in many films, video games, cartoons, TV programmes. It was named the world’s favourite song in 2005.








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