Задание 9


  1. A new music instrument                                                                               5. A strange competition
  2. The latest fashion                                                                                            6. A law against mobiles
  3. A mobile for grandma                                                                                    7. Back to real-life communication
  4. Phone addiction                                                                                              8. Digital personal assistants


A. Young people often worry about the style and functions of mobile phones. However, today companies present more models for people who are over 50 or 60 years old. They need a mobile phone with large buttons, so that they can dial numbers without glasses. The menu is also simple. It really doesn’t matter if the phone has a camera or the Internet. For them, less is more.


B. Today, when friends meet in a cafe, they put their mobile phones in the middle of the table. They aren’t allowed to touch them at all. If someone does it and answers the phone, they have to pay for everybody. Sounds fun, right? The idea is to make people concentrate on a real conversation with each other instead of using their mobiles all the time.


C. Visitors of theatres and cinemas often complain that mobile phones ring during performances. The city government of New York passed a new act. It is now forbidden to use mobile phones in places, like theaters, libraries, museums, galleries, and cinemas. Those who don’t switch off their mobiles will have to pay $50.


D. With mobile phones we can contact anyone, anywhere, any time. Scientists say that some people are so used to mobiles that they can’t go to the kitchen without them. They are in panic if they leave them at home or lose. It has become a habit to have a mobile everywhere. People depend on mobile phones so much that doctors have started worrying. They say it may be a thing similar to drugs.


E. Throwing mobile phones is an international sport that started in Finland in 2000. Traditionally participants throw mobile phones over their shoulders. The person, who throws farthest, wins. There’s also freestyle throwing. In this contest sportsmen should throw a mobile in a beautiful and creative way.


F. In 2010, a young girl from China made a song using only her mobile phone. She wrote it without any guitars, pianos, drums. She used different functions of her mobile. It took her several days to record the song. Later she made a video of it and put the video on the Internet, where over a million people watched it. She sent the song to the Apple company and suggested using it in their advertisements.


G. Today’s mobile phones can already send e-mails, surf the Internet, and keep you in touch with friends. Tomorrow’s phones are like helpful secretaries. In a few years you’ll see that they know your habits and can advise you what to cook for dinner. They will remind you where to go and what present to buy.








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