Задание 9


  1. Supporting sports                                                                                             5. The drink ingredients
  2. A remarkable container design                                                                    6. Good in any season
  3. A universal medicine                                                                                       7. A fan society
  4. A smart symbol                                                                                                 8. The drink varieties


A. Coca Cola appeared in Atlanta, Georgia, 1886. Doctor John Pemberton made a special syrup, but he kept its components secret. He added some mineral water to it and took the new product to the chemist’s. There the syrup was sold for five cents a glass. Pemberton told everyone that Coca-Cola cured many illnesses, including headaches, stomachaches, and nervous breakdowns.


B. Coca Cola was first sold in ordinary bottles. In 1915, the company held a competition to create a new bottle for their drink. They said it should be a bottle that would make Coca Cola different from all other drinks. Even today the shape of Coca Cola bottle is one of the most recognized packages on the planet…»even in the dark!».


C. The famous Coca Cola symbol was created by John Pem-berton’s colleague, Mr. Robinson. He thought that two letters «C» would look great in advertising. Besides, the red and white colours were simple and effective. Red was energetic and bright and so would attract young people. As for the style, of writing, it was just popular in the United States during that period.


D. Before the 1930s, Coca Cola was only considered to be a drink for warm weather so the company started a campaign to remind people that Coca Cola was a great choice in any month. For this a talented artist drew pictures of a happy Santa Claus enjoying a drink of Coke. The pictures were published in magazines and made Cola even more popular.


E. Coca Cola was one of the first companies that invested money in public projects. For example, the company is proud to be an old and devoted partner of the Olympic Games. This connection began in 1928 with the Games in Amsterdam. Since then the company has sponsored lots of football, hockey, and basketball competitions.


F. The Coca Cola Collectors Club was formed in 1974 by a small group of people. Today it has become international with more than 5,000 people from 28 countries. Club members collect everything connected with Coca Cola: bottles, posters, newspaper articles, postcards — everything. They sometimes meet to exchange their treasures.


G. Today there are 16 special variants of the original Coca Cola recipe. Some have less sugar or no sugar at all. Such Coke is chosen by those who want to keep fit. Children may prefer a cherry or a vanilla flavour. The drink also changes from country to country, reflecting national preferences. For example, if you travel to France, you can try the unusual orange Coca Cola.



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