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Задание 1


Тексты для аудирования


Dialogue A:

A: Where did you learn to skate so well?

B: Here. I got my first roller-skates three years ago, and since then I’ve skated regularly — almost every day.

A: To be frank, I was surprised to see you here in this kind of weather.

B: And what’s wrong with the weather?

A: Well, it’s sort of cold and windy. I’m freezing!

B: You’d better go home now, so as not to get a cold. I’ll skate a little bit more and we’ll head for home too.


Dialogue B:

A: It’s great that we live so close to this place, isn’t it?

B: Yeah, but I only come here on the days when the weather is really bad. I prefer doing sports outdoors, not indoors.

A: Why? It’s a nice place, and well equipped with treadmills, chest presses, and leg presses. And, there’s a fitness instructor who can help you design your own program if you want.

B: But I don’t want any of those. Jogging in the park attracts me much more than running on a treadmill, but as it’s raining so hard outdoors, I have to exercise here.


Dialogue C:

A: Just look at them, they move very gracefully, and they feel the music very well.

B: And what did you expect? They are professionals.  It’s not our school drama society, after all.

A: And, the costumes are wonderful. We need to come here again, don’t we?

B: We will. I’ll find out what’s on next month, and will buy the tickets.

A: Thank you!


Dialogue D:

A: Where are you going?

B: To the skating rink. We’ve arranged to meet up there in half an hour.

A: But it’s so cold outdoors. It’s freezing. Put on your warm coat, not this jacket.

B: Okay, but I don’t know where my winter coat is. I wanted to put it on, but I wasn’t able to find it.

A: It’s in the wardrobe. Here it is. And put on this hat. It’s windy.



A – 4: On a street

B – 2: In a gym

C – 1: At a concert

D – 3: At home





Место действия

4 2 1




Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: My life is very busy, and I don’t have time for hanging out with friends. We mostly communicate in school, and about school matters. Jack, who sits next to me in class, helps me a lot. He’s very clever, and he’s always ready to help. He also finds time for sports, but doesn’t like taking part in competitions. Jack doesn’t play football. He usually prefers watching the games on TV. He loves animals, but he doesn’t have any pets at home.


Speaker B: I cannot boast that I have a lot of friends. I spend most of my free time with my dog. His name is Blackie, and he is a young Labrador — playful and clever. He misses me when I’m in school, and when at last I come home, Blackie wants to get me to play with him. When I’m busy with my homework, he sits nearby, watching me.


Speaker C: I’ve known Kate since my childhood, and we’ve always been very good friends, but everything has changed recently. Kate has become very rude to our classmates. She makes fun of them, and calls them losers. She boasts about her new gadgets and always demonstrates how smart and successful she is. She is my friend, right, but even I do not enjoy her company anymore.


Speaker D: Last summer, we went to my father’s hometown. It was the first time we went there all together, as a family. It’s a nice, quiet place with green streets and nice parks. People are friendly there and are always glad to help a stranger. We travelled with our dog, but it was not a problem. The owner of the hotel where we stayed did not mind pets, and in general, the hotel was cozy and warm. If you need to relax and escape your bust routine for a few days, it’s just the place to go.


Speaker E: The next point in my survey was the question about friends and friendship. About fifty percent of the people say that their best friend is someone they met in childhood. Thirty percent say that their best friend is someone from their own family, like a mother, father, brother, or a cousin. Five percent say that their pet, usually a dog, is someone they trust most, and that they could call the pet a real friend. The others ticked the box “I don’t have any opinion on the point.”



A – 5: The speaker describes his/her school friend.

B – 3: The speaker talks about his/her pet.

C – 6: The speaker disapproves of his/her friend’s behaviour.

D – 1: The speaker recommends a place to go for a holiday.

E – 4: The speaker reports the results of his/her project work.






5 3 6 1




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Nick: What can be keeping them so long, Anna? The film starts in five minutes.

Anna: Don’t worry, Nick. Just buy yourself some more popcorn. My cousins will be here very soon. They are not in the habit of being late.

Nick: Aren’t they? I remember they were fifteen minutes late for the swimming competition last month.

Anna: Oh, it was not their fault. It was me who told them the wrong address. And I can’t really understand what makes you worry so much. You have the tickets, and you can start watching the film whenever you like.

Nick: Yes, but it doesn’t feel good anyway.

Anna: You’ve changed a lot since you entered university. When we were at school, you were not very punctual.

Nick: Right. Now, I cannot be so careless. I should do all my tasks exactly on time. And I can never miss lectures and seminars. I won’t pass my exams otherwise.

Anna: Yeah, I understand. You study medicine, and it’s really hard. Did you choose the career of a doctor because of your father?

Nick: Yes, probably. My father was a reporter, you know. And he worked for quite a famous newspaper. He traveled a lot to make his reports and once, when he was in India, he got seriously ill. The doctors from the local hospital saved his life.

Anna: Yes, being a doctor is a very important profession, but it may be very stressful, and you have to learn constantly, because medical technologies are developing very quickly.

Nick: This is exactly what attracts me most of all. I hate monotonous jobs. I need to learn something new all the time. I want new challenges.

Anna: New challenges? I suppose that is why you go windsurfing.

Nick: Probably, yes. That is the reason. It sounds strange, but I don’t enjoy football, I seldom cycle, and I’m too lazy to jog. But, when I need to ride the waves, wow! I’m ready to do it in any weather, until I’m dead tired.

Anna: Are you going someplace that’s famous with windsurfers? Where the waves are high? To Australia, for example, or someplace else?

Nick: One day, probably. Not now. As for this summer, I have to stay at home because I’ve already got a job — a summer job. I’m going to work and save some money for the next year.

Anna: Yes, I understand. I’m looking for a job too. Probably, I’ll go to Italy to help my aunt. They run a small hotel there, as a family business. And, in tourist season, they hire additional staff.

Nick: Italy is a great country. It’s a shame I’ve never been there, yet. But, I was lucky enough to see Barcelona a couple of weeks ago.

Anna: And your university studies? Did you miss any lectures?

Nick: Oh, it was only for a weekend. The place tickets to Spain were on sale, and we decided to go on a trip. We enjoyed it.

Anna: But you don’t speak Spanish, do you?

Nick: No, French is my only foreign language, and I can’t say I speak it perfectly. Oh, here are your cousins, at last! That is them, isn’t it?

Anna: Yes, it’s them. Let’s hurry up now, the film is about to start at any minute.





3. Where are Nick and Anna talking?

1) In the cinema.


4. What does Nick do?

2) Nick is a university student.


5. What attracts Nick to the career most of all? – The opportunity

3) to learn new things.


6. What sport does Nick do?

2) Windsurfing.


7. What are Nick’s plans for the summer holidays?

1) To do a summer job.


8. What country has Nick recently been to?

2) Spain.



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