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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Well, as everyone is here, I’ll inform you about our plan for today.

B: Excuse me. It looks like I’ve left my phone in the hotel.

A: You’d better find it as soon as possible, because we have to set off in four minutes to stick to our schedule.

B: I’ll be back in a minute.

A: And meanwhile, I’ll explain to our other guests what we are going to see today, what places we are going to visit, where we’re going to dine, and some of the details of today’s route.


Dialogue B:

A: I can’t find my phone. Where did I put it, I wonder? Can you call me, so that I can find it?

B: No, it won’t help. I switched off my phone when the flight attendant told us to, and you did the same.

A: Oh yes, I forgot. I probably left the phone in the pocket of my coat, and it’s up there in the luggage compartment.

B: Yeah, you’re probably right. I’ll look for it when we finish our drinks.


Dialogue C:

A: I believe we are sitting in the wrong seats.

B: So what? There are plenty of free places anyway.

A: I thought there would be more people. There are a few world celebrities among the actors, and the producer is quite famous.

B: It’s Monday, midday. Everyone is busy, except us.

A: Yeah. The lecture was cancelled at the very last moment. Lucky us!

B: Yes, lucky us. Pass ne the popcorn, please.


Dialogue D:

A: It’s this year’s best seller, isn’t it?

B: Yes, but I’m not sure Tina likes modern writers. It’s for her birthday, you know.

A: Right, buy her a classical novel, then, or a cookery book.

B: Are you serious?

A: Why not? She likes cooking, and I like reading modern writers. That’s why I’m buying this best seller for myself. See you at the cash desk.



A – 2: On a bus excursion

B – 5: On board a plane

C – 1: In the cinema

D – 4: In a book shop





Место действия

2 5 1




Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: I usually get to school by bus. But today, for some reason, it didn’t come on time. I waited for it for ten minutes, and then decided to walk. But at that moment, it started to rain, and my coat is not waterproof, and it doesn’t have a hood. I didn’t want to get wet, so I changed my mind and kept waiting for the bus. When at last it turned up, and I got on to it, it moved really slowly, stopped at the traffic lights. And when I got to school, I found out that the morning class was over, and everyone was about to go to the gym for our RE class.


Speaker B: Most of my classmates go to school by school bus, but I prefer getting to school on my own. Though I live far away, there’s a bicycle lane straight from my block of flats to the school building. It takes me about twenty-five minutes of cycling to get there. Yes, there are several roads with heavy traffic on the way, but it’s perfectly safe, as I always use the subway, an underground passage, you know. When it rains, I go by bike anyway. I have special clothes that protect me from getting wet.


Speaker C: I live a long way from my office, unfortunately, and it takes me lots of time to get there and back every day. Sometimes I go by car, which is more comfortable then the underground. But, because of the heavy traffic and frequent jams on the roads, I can never be sure I’ll be at work on time. The underground, on the other hand, makes it possible to calculate the travelling time very precisely. That’s a great advantage. But there are always too many people on the trains, which I don’t like at all.


Speaker D: I live in a large block of flats in the centre of the city. There are always lots of cars and people everywhere. I cannot even remember my neighbours, we are all strangers to each other. The situation is different in the place where my grandparents live. They live in a small village, and all the people there know each other very well. When I go to my grandparents for the holidays, and ride my bike, local people often stop to chat with me. It feels strange, but very nice to me.


Speaker E: I live close to the centre of the city, but the place is really green and nice. We have a large park nearby, where there are children’s playgrounds and special enclosures where people can walk their dogs. There are also cycle lanes, and that is why people from the neighbourhood often come to our park to ride their bicycles. At the same time, the public transport is very efficient, and there‘s a bus stop right behind our house, so there’s no need to use our car too often.



A – 3: The speaker explains why he/she was late for school.

B – 2: The speaker explains how he/she usually gets to school.

C – 5: The speaker compares different means of transport.

D – 1: The speaker compares lifestyles in the city and in the countryside.

E – 6: The speaker describes the area where he/she lives.






3 2 5 1




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Mum: Jeff, are you busy? Can you feed the dog? He looks hungry again.

Jeff: It’s not true, mum. I only fed him half an hour ago. And the vet told us not to let him eat too much, remember? He’s getting fat, which is not good at all.

Mum: Yes, right. And, what are you busy with? Oh, I see — your picture again?

Jeff: Yes. I need to complete it by Friday, because on Saturday it will be displayed in our arts gallery.

Mum: Will it?

Jeff: Our teacher told us so. She said that our works will be displayed for two days in the gallery, on some additional stand, of course.

Mum: Congratulations! That’s very good news indeed.

Jeff: I can’t see the exhibition myself, though.

Mum: Can’t you? Why?

Jeff: I’ve promised granddad I’ll come to his house in the country this weekend. We’ll go fishing, and I’ll help him in the garden. You don’t mind it, do you?

Mum: No. Why should I? I’m glad you and your granddad get on so well. He loves you, and he wishes you only well.

Jeff: And he never can do without giving advice. Now he says that my lifestyle is not active enough, and he insists that I should spend more time in the gym, or in a sports centre.

Mum: And he’s right.

Jeff: Mum! Don’t start it again. I’m not cut out to be a champion, and I hate silly exercising.

Mum: I know you do. But some sport would only do you good. You give too much time to your drawing hobby. You aren’t saying you want to choose it as a career, are you?

Jeff: No, certainly not. I just love it, and I do it in my free time, that’s all. No worries.

Mum: I’m not worried. I remember that you are going to the technical university, in order to be an engineer.

Jeff: True, I am. And you know that I study a lot in order to do it. My grades in maths and science are high enough.

Mum: Yes, your progress in maths is much better than in literature and information technology.

Jeff: And I’m quite happy with it. Mum, what do we have for lunch today?

Mum: You can choose between mushroom soup, fried potatoes, and the rice pudding we bought yesterday in the new dessert shop. Or, you can have all of them, if you are hungry.

Jeff: No, I’m not. But my first choice is fried potatoes, as usual. I love it.

Mum: Okay, fine. Then you need to take a short break for lunch right now. I’m leaving soon, as I need to be in my office in an hour.

Jeff: Yes mum, I’ll just call granddad. I promised him. It will take two minutes.

Mum: Okay. Say hello to him for me.





3. What is Jeff doing at the moment?

3) He is drawing a picture.


4. Where is Jeff going to spend next weekend?

3) At the country house.


5. What job does Jeff want to do in the future? – Jeff wants to be

2) an engineer.


6. In what school subject does Jeff have the best result?

1) In Maths.


7. What is Jeff’s favourite dish?

2) Fried potatoes.


8. Where is Jeff’s mother going to be in an hour?

1) At her work.



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