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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Well, fine. Do we need anything else?

B: Yes. I have a feeling we’ve forgotten something. Let me consult the shopping list.

A: I’ve got it. It’s here, in my pocket. Well…milk, butter, sugar, flour, rice, fish, and… What’s this? I can’t read your handwriting here.

B: Mushrooms and onions. We haven’t bought them yet. They’re over there, with the fresh vegetables.

A: Okay. And I hope that’s all. There are too many people here today, aren’t there?


Dialogue B:

A: I’m starting to feel hungry, aren’t you?

B: No, not really, but I wouldn’t mind some tea with biscuits.

A: It looks like we don’t have any biscuits anymore. Okay. I’ll make the tea, and could you make some cheese sandwiches?

B: Of course! But, in fifteen minutes, I need to complete this essay. It’s almost done and I don’t want to be interrupted.

A: Sure, I didn’t mean to interrupt your writing.


Dialogue C:

A: I feel hungry and thirsty. When are they going to give us some food?

B: Well, I have to disappoint you. It’s a low budget flight, and they don’t serve any meals here.

A: Don’t they? Why didn’t you tell me that before? I’ll die of starvation before we land.

B: I’m sure you won’t. I have a chocolate bar, if you want. It’s in my bag, on the luggage shelf.

A: Yes, please. I don’t like chocolate, but it’s better than nothing at all.


Dialogue D:

A: Where did you say this shop is?

B: It’s not far from here. I’ll show you. There’s no need to take a bus, we’ll walk.

A: Okay. I never mind walking it the place is close enough.

B: It is. I’m sure you’ll find everything you need there. It’s the best place for sweets, chocolates, and pastries in our town.

A: Thank you so much.



A – 3: In a supermarket

B – 1: At home

C – 5: On board a plane

D – 2: On a street





Место действия

3 1 5




Задание 2


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Speaker A: You know, I believe we seriously depend on modern technologies. I say this from my personal experience. My parents gave me a new phone for my birthday, and I can’t put it down. It looks great, it’s elegant, and it’s just the right size for me. And the colours of the screen are bright and vivid. And it has millions of different functions. I’m sure I’ll never discover how to use most of them, and some of them are just useless. But still, I like the device so much that I never miss an opportunity to demonstrate it to my friends.


Speaker B: It may sound strange, but I enjoy studying descriptions of different machines and devises. I’m curious of how they work, and how it occurred to people to invent them. Probably that’s why there are so many biographies of great inventors in my home library. My friends wonder what excitement I find in all these books. And, I cannot find any answer to their question. I just like them.


Speaker C: People have always been curious, and they have always wanted to learn more, and to make their life more comfortable too. The wheel was created because it made transporting stones easier. The TV remote control was made only because it made watching TV more convenient. The person does not even need to get up from the sofa to switch to another channel. People will always be creating something new. It’s our human nature.


Speaker D: We depend too much on technology nowadays. It’s a fact that the technological progress has improved our life a lot, but on the other hand, the risk of global catastrophes has increased too. We use atomic energy which, if something went wrong, could destroy the earth in seconds. Technology is a great thing, but we need to remember that it may be dangerous, and we need to be very careful with it.


Speaker E: Most young people use electronic gadgets nowadays. It’s normal. It’s part of life already. The problem is that some people feel unhappy when someone else’s gadget is cooler than theirs. A friend of mine is like this. He is one year older than me. We go to the same school, and whenever we meet up, he tells me about some new gadget he’s dreaming of, and how unhappy he is because his parents won’t agree to buy it for him. I think it’s mad to be like this all the time.



A – 6. The speaker talks about his/her new gadget

B – 4. The speaker talks about his/her favourite kind of reading.

C – 1. The speaker explains why people want to invent new things.

D – 3. The speaker worries about the future of the planet.

E – 2. The speaker disapproves of his/her schoolmate’s behaviour.






6 4 1 3




Задания 3-8


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Paul: What are you still doing here, Angela? Why don’t you go home?

Angela: I could ask you the same question, Paul. What keeps you in school so long after the classes?

Paul: We had an additional training session in the gym. You probably know that we are flying to Paris next Sunday.

Angela: To take part in a football game? Oh, yes, I’ve certainly heard about it. You guys are always boasting about it.

Paul: But we have a reason to, don’t we? We’ve been invited to the International Youth Football Championship. It’s something we can be proud of, don’t you think?

Angela: Yes, you certainly can. And it’s a good change to improve your French.

Paul: Please, don’t remind me about the language. We’ve been learning French for years, and I’m still only able to speak it a bit better than Chinese.

Angela: You are kidding! And I am going abroad for holiday, too. You’ll never guess where to.

Paul: Where to?

Angela: My father is reading lectures in some Russian university in St. Petersburg. And my mum and I are going to join him there for a few days.

Paul: St. Petersburg? That must be interesting. And, are you saying your father teaches the students there?

Angela: Well, yes. He works in a university here, and they have a sort of an exchange program, when the teachers from the Russian university come to teach our students, and my father and his colleagues go to teach there.

Paul: Sounds cool. I’ve heard Petersburg is a good city.

Angela: It’s a great city. My arts class teacher says there are fantastic museums there, with vast collections of pictures of the most famous artists.

Paul: Wow! Are you so keen on arts and artists?

Angela: I am. I would like to see all of these museums, but my teacher says that it’s impossible. That it would take me a week to see only the pictures in the Hermitage exposition.

Paul: Impressive. I want to hear more about it when you come back.

Angela: Sure, I’ll be taking photos there, and I’ll send them to you.

Paul: Fine. And, getting back to the more down to earth things, would you fancy a pizza right now? I’m starving.

Angela: Yes. I can never resist pizza. I would have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if I could.

Paul: But, in the school canteen, you always have fish and green salad.

Angela: Right. I hate it, but people have to eat healthy food often, not just tasty food.

Paul: I see. That’s nonsense in my opinion. But, anyway, let’s go now. I know a nice takeaway nearby.

Angela: Fine, but I need to be home in half an hour.

Paul: Looking after your little brother again?

Angela: No. Mum has taken him to the cinema. At the moment they are watching a film there, I think. I just have to walk the dog. It’s my turn, anyway.

Paul: You’ll be home on time. It’s a takeaway pizzeria, remember? And you still haven’t answered my question. What kept you in the classroom so late?





3. Where are Angela and Paul talking?

1) In the school.


4. What country is Angela going for holidays to?

3) Russia.


5. What job does Angela’s father do? – Angela’s father is

3) a teacher.


6. What’s Angela’s hobby?

2) Fine Arts.


7. What’s Angela’s favourite food?

1) Pizza.


8. Why is Angela hurrying home?

2) She needs to walk the dog.



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