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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Are you sure we’re going the right way? I think we should have turned right, there

B: Yes, but the SatNav says the road is blocked there, because of a traffic accident, I suppose.

A: Oh, nothing serious, I hope. And will it take us much longer? I mean, I’m really in a hurry. I need to be at the airport in thirty minutes at the latest.

B: Don’t worry. We’ll be there in fifteen minutes. This route is only a couple of kilometers longer.

A: Will it cost me extra?

B: No. The fare is the same.


Dialogue B:

A: Hi, Mark. What’s up? Why are you late again?

B: It’s because of a traffic accident. Two cars crashed into each other on the street, and the traffic was blocked. All the passengers on the bus had to wait for at least fifteen minutes before the bus moved again.

A: I see. Take your seat. We are about to do a short test now, so you only need a pen, and nothing more.

B: Just my luck. I wish the bus had been stuck there for a bit longer.

A: Take your seat and don’t distract the others.


Dialogue C:

A: Are we ready to set off? I believe we are. Everyone is in their seats.

B: Yes. It looks like all of us are here. Nobody’s late, which is an unusual thing for our class.

A: Right. It’s because we have an exciting tour ahead. There are lots of things to be seen in the town we are heading to. I’ll also be telling you about all the interesting and memorable places when we pass them.

B: And will we stop somewhere for lunch?

A: Yes, sure, but only after two hours.


Dialogue D:

A: The weather is getting worse and worse. It looks like there’s going to be a storm.

B: Yes, according to the weather forecast, we will be flying through a storm.

A: I hope they cancel the flight. I’m afraid of flying in this weather.

B: Cancel? No, don’t worry. This airline is very reliable, and boarding has already been announced. As far as I know, we’ll get enough altitude to fly above the storm. I’m sure everything will be fine.

A: I wish I had your courage.



A – 5: In a taxi

B – 3: In a classroom

C – 1: On a bus excursion

D – 2: At the airport





Место действия

5 3 1




Задание 2


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Speaker A: It is generally accepted that music is nearly universally loved, and has plenty of benefits. However, listening to music may not always be a simple and harmless pastime.  I haven’t always paid attention to such things, but I’ve noticed, for example, that some of the lyrics in songs are just awful. Sometimes, when I listen to a lot of sad music in a short space of time, it makes me feel depressed. And loud music makes me feel tired very quickly. So now, I’m trying to be careful when choosing what music to listen to.


Speaker B: One reason people find language learning difficult is they don’t have a spare minute in the day to devote to their studies. But, when you’re learning English through songs, you don’t need to set aside too much time because you can take the music with you wherever you go. You can have English songs playing in the car, kitchen, and the shower. It is common knowledge that the songs help learners acquire grammar and vocabulary, and improve punctuation.


Speaker C: I heard this group on the internet, and got interested, so I was happy when I managed to get tickets to their concert. I could not imagine that it would be so dull. To tell the truth, it was a complete waste of time. The group was an hour late. The lead singer looked tired and exhausted. The sound was awful, and too loud. I left the hall long before the end of the performance.


Speaker D: Music surrounds us at different moments in our lives, whether we hear it on the radio, on television, or on our car and home stereo. It helps us to reduce the stress of our daily routine, to calm down, and even heightens out moments of joy. Moreover, it enriches the mind, and gives us self-confidence. People have different musical tastes, depending on their age, education, and even mood. Some people like classical music, others prefer rock, pop, or jazz, but nobody is indifferent to it.


Speaker E: Numerous studies have shown that a child who plays a musical instrument increases their brain power. The same studies have proven that a child who plays a musical instrument obtains better grades at school. Music helps your mind stay attentive, helps memory function, and improves IQ. Besides this, the child will learn the worth of discipline, and get a sense of achievement and confidence. The value of teaching a child to play a musical instrument really is tremendous.



A – 5: The speaker talks about the possible negative effects of music.

B – 3: The speaker talks about the benefits of learning English with songs.

C – 6: The speaker talks about a concert that he/she did not like.

D – 1: The speaker talks about the role of music in people’s lives.

E – 4: The speaker talks about the importance of playing musical instruments.






5 3 6 1




Задания 3-8


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Linda: Hi, Jack. So, what’s the secret you wanted to discuss with me? I’m intrigued.

Jack: It’s not really a secret, Linda. I just wanted to talk about our grandmother.

Linda: Why? Is everything alright with her?

Jack: Yes, sure, but you know that she’s going to leave her job next Friday. She’s seventy already, so she’s planning to retire, and I thought we should celebrate this event all together somehow, you know, as a family.

Linda: Hm. I don’t know how people celebrate retirement. Should it be something like a birthday party, or a wedding anniversary?

Jack: Don’t be silly.

Linda: I know that some people set off for a trip when they retire — to meet new people and to see new places.

Jack: But we can’t arrange a trip. Let’s be realistic. We can arrange a picnic at most.

Linda: Which is not a bad idea, actually. It’s the right season for an open air event. We can go for a picnic in Central Park.

Jack: And it will be a surprise for grandma. We will just ask her to meet us in Central Park for a walk, or to feed the ducks, or…

Linda: That doesn’t matter too much. We’ll find a convincing reason to meet up.

Jack: And we’ll secretly invite mum and dad.

Linda: Right, and Aunt Emily, and our cousins, Pat and Kitty.

Jack: They are always so noisy.

Linda: Never mind. They can help us do a theatrical performance. They are good at acting.

Jack: Are you saying we are going to do a performance? You know I hate that sort of thing.

Linda: But, it’s not for you, it’s for grandma. She loves acting. For your birthday, it will probably be a football game or something. But for her, we can put on a show.

Jack: Okay, fine, and what about the food? It will be great to have grandma’s pancakes for this day.

Linda: Out of the question. We can’t ask her to make pancakes for her own event. A cake won’t do either. The most we can make by ourselves is… um, sandwiches?

Jack: With ham and cheese, or with tuna. Great idea! I adore them. And they’ll be easy to eat on the grass. Should we give granny some sort of present, do you think? We could make an album with some old pictures of her, when she was with her patients in the hospital, or when she was at the healthcare conference.

Linda: Sounds a bit depressing to me. It’s like thinking about your past, not the future.

Jack: You are probably right. Look, some people take up new hobbies after retirement. My old French teacher started painting, for example.

Linda: Right, but I’m not sure it will work with grandma.

Jack: Then, as mum always says: “If you have no idea what to get for a present, give flowers.”

Linda: Yes. That will be best. We need to remember to bring some water for them, as well. Otherwise, they’ll go all floppy, and that would be terrible. Okay, so now we need to think about…





3. Jack and Linda are going to celebrate their grandmother’s

3) retirement.


4. To celebrate the event Jack and Linda decide to arrange

2) a picnic.


5. To entertain the guests Jack and Linda are planning to arrange

3) some theatre at home.


6. To feed the guests Jack and Linda want to make

1) sandwiches.


7. The grandmother’s profession is

1) a doctor.


8. The present Jack and Linda want to give their grandmother is

2) a bouquet of flowers.



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