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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Did you say it happened when you were jogging?

B: Yes. I went jogging in the morning.

A: It looks like you twisted your ankle.

B: Probably. I nearly fell down. The park lane was covered with fallen leaves, and I didn’t notice a hole there.

A: I don’t like the colour of your ankle. We’ll have to do some tests, I’m afraid.


Dialogue B:

A: I really felt awful yesterday.

B: Yeah. I had to spend the whole day in my cabin too. I couldn’t get out of bed.

A: The waves were huge.

B: But it’s much better now, isn’t it? The wind has dropped and there’s no rocking. Not much, at least.

A: Yeah, it’s calmed down. And look – the sky is clear. But it’s chilly. I better go down below.


Dialogue C:

A: I want to take this one for Jim.

B: Yeah. He needs something to cheer him up. How is he doing?

A: Much better, but his leg was broken in two places. Healing bones is a long process. He still needs to stay in bed.

B: Poor old Jim. I’ll buy that one for him too. He enjoys sea adventures.

A: Let me see. Yes, it’s a nice story. And, I like the way it’s illustrated — very cheerful sketches.


Dialogue D:

A: What’s that smell? Is something burning?

B: Don’t worry. Lisa, my niece, is doing her culinary experiments again.

A: Oh, is she staying with you?

B: For a while, till she finds a flat to rent. She’s been offered a job in the local hospital.

A: Congratulations!

B: Thanks. She’s a wonderful doctor, but a hopeless cook. She often cooks something to surprise us, but then says that as a doctor, she can’t let us eat it.



A – 3: In a medical centre

B – 4: On board a ship

C – 5: In a bookshop

D – 2: At home





Место действия

3 4 5




Задание 2


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Speaker A: Have you heard about it yet? It starts on Monday, and will last till the end of the month. All students are welcome to take part. It’s called “Life on Campus,” which means that any photos which represent our college life are welcomed. Each floor of the building will be turned into some sort of gallery, displaying portraits, classroom scenes, and whatnot. I’m also going to participate. I took some cool snapshots last year.


Speaker B: If you’re not a professional photographer, I don’t think you should go for an expensive one. There are several brands you can buy cheap, and they will take very good pictures. Don’t look for lots of functions. The main thing is it should be easy to use, maybe have a nice design, and rather light to carry. I guess these things are important for a beginner photographer. Have a look and decide what’s best for you.


Speaker C: I’m usually the one behind the camera, and my friends tell me I’m pretty good at taking photos. But, as soon as someone wants to take a picture of me, it’s like I’m completely camera shy. To be honest, I hate having my picture taken. I don’t like being in the pictures. I think it’s because I’m afraid that I look ugly or ridiculous in them. Maybe I just don’t trust the photographer.


Speaker D: It’s not easy to become a good photographer. The quickest way to get some basic knowledge is to take a short course for young photographers. This will give you a good idea of how to use your camera. What can be better than listening to photography experts? You’ll learn more in an hour than from reading any special book. The next step will be to go out with a camera and take pictures – just as many pictures as possible. At least, that’s the way I did it.


Speaker E: A picture, in general terms, can be interpreted as an image, which can be used to register a moment. There are more than seven billion people on earth. Each of us can express a different opinion, or reason to take a picture. But we all just want to stop time in a frame. Yes, we would love to keep our moments, like when we marry, and have our first child. Or maybe, a great time we had at a picnic.



A – 1: The speaker talks about a photo exhibition.

B – 4: The speaker recommends what camera to choose.

C – 6: The speaker explains why he/she dislikes being photographed by someone else

D – 3: The speaker talks about the best way to learn to take photos.

E – 2: The speaker explains why people take photos.






1 4 6 3




 Задания 3-8


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Michael: Kate! What are you looking for?

Kate: Oh, Michael. I just can’t find Jasper anywhere. When did you last see him?

Michael: In the morning, when you were feeding him carrots and lettuce.

Kate: I probably forgot to lock the cage. If he’s escaped from the house, he’s in trouble.

Michael: Yes, the neighbor’s dog is chasing all the cats in the neighbourhood, and it won’t miss a chance to catch a rabbit.

Kate: Look, Michael! Here he is, under your bed, chewing the laces of your football boots. Come on, get out of there!

Michael: And thanks for finding my boots, Jasper. I thought I’d left them in the sports centre.

Kate: But you don’t play football any more, do you?

Michael: No, but I still like these boots. As for football, when my coach said I was hopeless, I switched to basketball.

Kate: And it was a good decision, wasn’t it?

Michael: Yes. Basketball is a sport where my height is an advantage.

Kate: Are you saying you’re too tall for football or badminton?

Michael: For football, I’m not fit enough, that’s for sure. For badminton, I don’t know, but I don’t like it anyway. It’s boring.

Kate: To me, any sport is kind of boring. I love nature, you know. And our garden is the best place for me. I really enjoy planting flowers and trimming the bushes.

Michael: And you spend all your free time there. Oh Kate, that reminds me. A friend of mine wants to take photos of our Jasper. She’s fond of designing homemade cards and Jasper would look great on Easter cards.

Kate: She is the new classmate you keep talking about lately, isn’t she?

Michael: Yeah?

Kate: Then yes, sure, anytime. If it’s important for my brother, I’m always ready to help. But I need to know beforehand, so that I can arrange Jasper’s fur, and to make him look really pretty.

Michael: Yes, sure. Okay. I’m happy that Jasper is back with us, but I need to be off right now.

Kate: Where to?

Michael: Mum asked me to do some shopping for tonight. She said some of our distant cousins are coming.

Kate: Who, exactly?

Michael: She said it’s going to be a surprise, but asked us not to plan anything for tonight, and to be at home.

Kate: I’ll call her to find out.

Michael: Don’t! Let it be a surprise. Mum asked me to buy a pie, by the way, but didn’t say what kind. Do you think it’s alright if I bring a mince pie, or a pumpkin pie?

Kate: I’d prefer an apple pie. But no, wait! There’s a new bakery right opposite the supermarket. I’ve heard they make very good pumpkin pies there, with walnuts, honey, and everything.

Michael: Okay, let’s try the new bakery.

Kate: You just need to go there, choose the pie you want, the size and everything, pay for it, and they will deliver it, fresh and hot

Michael: Fine, I’ll order it.

Kate: And buy some chocolates for me.

Michael: Okay, I will.





3. Kate’s pet, Jasper, is

3) a rabbit.


4. At the moment, the sport Michael does is

2) basketball.


5. Kate’s hobby is

2) gardening.


6. Kate and Michael are

1) relatives.


7. In the evening Kate and Michael are going to

3) meet some relatives.


8. Kate and Michael decide to order

1) a pumpkin pie.



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