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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Hi. Have you been waiting long?

B: No, not really. I haven’t ordered anything yet, except the juice…and one for you too.

A: Thanks. I’m really thirsty.

B: And what would you like to eat?

A: Do they have any vegetable dishes?

B: Yeah. Green salad, grilled vegetables, pumpkin deserts. Have a look at the menu. The choice is pretty good.


Dialogue B:

A: I’m so thirsty! Could you give me the bottle of water, please?

B: It’s in your rucksack, in the outer pocket.

A: Okay. Let’s have a break, I can’t jog any longer. Let’s sit down at this bench.

B: We can’t stop now. We need to do a kilometer more, at least.

A: You’re a monster! You can do what you want, but I’m having a rest in the shade of that tree.

B: You’re a loser.


Dialogue C:

A: Have you got the list with you?

B: What list? Oh, yes. So, we need some vegetables – potatoes, carrots, and a pumpkin. What do we need a pumpkin for?

A: Because I want to make a pumpkin pie for tonight. The Browns are coming for dinner. Could you put these apples into the cart too, please?

B: The Browns? Who are they?

A: Jane Brown is a friend of mine. We are in the sports club, and we jog together almost every morning. Ed Brown is her husband. Hurry up, there are still lots of things to buy.

B: Oh, I see. And why have you never made a pumpkin pie before?


Dialogue D:

A: Hi, Ned. What are you doing here?

B: It’s because of my grandfather. I’ve brought him here because his cough worries me a lot. He is being x-rayed at the moment.

A: How did he get his cough?

B: Oh, it’s because of his hobby. He spends too much time outdoors, no matter what the weather is like.

A: Jogging?

B: I wish it were, but he enjoys growing vegetables. His pumpkins have always taken first prize in all the local vegetable fairs.

A: I see. And it’s been very cold and wet lately. I seem to have got a bad cold too. I’m waiting for the blood test results.

B: Let’s hope for the best.



A – 1: In a café

B – 4: In a park

C – 2: In a shop

D – 3: In a medical centre





Место действия

1 4 2




Задание 2


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Speaker A: Don’t get me wrong. I love the experience of watching films on the big screen. But the rest of the experience is often awful. Just imagine, you’re in the cinema, ready to see the film, and someone next to you has a big bag of popcorn, or a new bag of sweets. So they open it up, halfway through the film, and to make things worse, they start chewing loudly. That drives me mad. I also hate people kicking the back of my chair — accidently, or otherwise. This is why I bought a huge flat screen, so that I would no longer need to go to the cinema.


Speaker B: Being a Geek, I have made a list of around one thousand five hundred films worth seeing. My list is based upon several web lists of films considered the best. So, when I have free time, I simply look through my list, choose a film, and watch it. Sometimes I follow the recommendations of my friends, who know my movie tastes. However, there are some genres I never watch. I don’t watch love stories and horror films, except classics like Hitchcock.


Speaker C:  I’m sure that it’s one of the most celebrated films in the entire history of filmmaking — a great, all-time classic. It tells a love story between the daughter of a wealthy family and a poor artist who sneaks onto a ship, one of the grandest passenger liners at that time. The ship sank, and the lovers lost each other. The film also contains the wonderful song “My Heart Will Go On,” by Celine Dion. I admire Titanic, and watch it every time I feel sad or exhausted.


Speaker D: My friend recommended watching it. He said it was the best film of the year. The world famous director and the brilliant team of actors attracted me. However, the film turned out to be too unrealistic and annoying. The famous actors were too old for the characters in the film. And the last straw was the songs, which the actors sang. It was really awful. I couldn’t watch the film until the end.


Speaker E: It’s enjoyable to watch movies and learn English words and phrases at the same time — choosing an interesting film, which matches your current level of English. For beginners, the best choice is cartoons. The English in cartoons is usually nice, friendly, and easy to understand. When you watch a film for the first time, just turn on the subtitles. They will help you to understand the plot. But, if you get a chance to watch the film a second time, turn off the subtitles and try to understand the character, just by listening.



A – 4: The speaker says what annoys him/her at the movie theatre.

B – 2: The speaker explains how he/she chooses a film to watch.

C – 6: The speaker talks about his/her favourite film.

D – 3: The speaker talks about a film that disappointed him/her.

E – 5: The speaker advises how to learn English with films.






4 2 6 3




Задания 3-8


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Paul: Hi, Christy. Any news?

Christy: What news are you talking about?

Paul: The news about your exam, of course. You were making such a fuss about it in the morning. You upset mum, as you refused to eat your breakfast. So, how was it?

Christy: Oh, Paul, it was…okay. Not really difficult, but I’m not sure about a couple of things I wrote in the essay. German grammar is so difficult.

Paul: Yes, in comparison with the English language, their grammar is more difficult. You should have taken Spanish. Everyone says it’s an easy language to learn.

Christy: Who’s everyone? None of your friends are fond of foreign languages. How can they know?

Paul: It’s not one of my friends. It’s my new classmate. She’s lived in Spain for a while and picked up some of the language. She said she did it just like that, without teachers and textbooks.

Christy: Hm. She’s either very talented, or she’s just a liar. I don’t believe that you can learn any language without studying it.

Paul: But she says…

Christy: Paul, shut up. I’m older, and I know better. Mum always puts it like that.

Paul: You are not our mum.

Christy: If I had such an obstinate son as you, I don’t know what I would do.

Paul: Okay, calm down. You are all nerves after your exam. Are you going to the gym today?

Christy: Yes. I don’t have any energy, but I have to go. Miss Jackson gets very angry when we miss our training sessions.

Paul: She has every right to get angry. You are going to take part in the athletic competition next month, aren’t you?

Christy: Yes. I wish I had chosen something less demanding, like aerobics or dancing. Something they don’t arrange competitions in.

Paul: There are dancing competitions, and…

Christy: To me, it looks like a show, rather than a competition. It’s not as tiring as athletics, when you have to run and jump and get out of breath.

Paul: But it was your choice, wasn’t it?

Christy: Right. But I took it because… Well, it doesn’t matter.

Paul: It was because of Tom, your classmate. He was keen on athletics, but then he gave up sports and got crazy about programming, and now is spending all his time with his computer. You can’t share this interest of his because you’re not very good at information technology.

Christy: It’s none of your business. IT may be too difficult for me, but it’s because I find it too dry, and it makes me feel bored. And I can’t understand things that make me feel bored. I’m better with arts. I like languages, world history, drama, environmental science, and lots of other subjects. As for computers, right, I can’t understand how it works, and I can’t write programs. But I know how to use them, and that’s enough for me.

Paul: Calm down. Mum asked me to remind you about lunch. She was worried when you left hungry in the morning.

Christy: Oh, I’m really sorry about that.

Paul: She prepared spaghetti for you. You only need to warm it up.

Christy: My favorite. I can never resist spaghetti. And what about you?

Paul: I ate an omelet in the school canteen, and I bought some fries on the way home, so I’m not hungry.

Christy: You eat too much fried food. It’s not very healthy, you know.

Paul: I know, but it’s tasty, and mum promised to cook something special for dinner.

Christy: Great. What time did she say she’ll come home from her college? Is she teaching any evening classes today?

Paul: No, but she’ll be around six. She needs to drop in to the hospital on her way home.

Christy: Why?

Paul: One of her students was taken to hospital, and mum wants to cheer her up.

Christy: And what’s happened to the student?

Paul: The girl got pneumonia when she was traveling with her parents somewhere. I don’t remember where, but it sounded like some exotic weekend tour. She felt worse yesterday, but now she’s getting better, mum says.





3. Christy has taken an exam in

2) German.


4. Paul and Christy are

3) relatives.


5. The sport Christy does is

1) athletics.


6. The school subject that Christy finds difficult is

2) Information Technology.


7. Christy’s favourite dish is

1) spaghetti.


8. Christy’s mother works as

3) a college teacher.



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