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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: The soap opera again? Aren’t you tired of all these awful actors and the steely plot?

B: Not at all. This serial is wonderful.

A: For me, there’s nothing worse than these clowns.

B: But I believe the characters are realistic.

A: Realistic? No, they’re not.

B: There’s no point in arguing.

A: I agree. Let’s switch to the news channel.

B: Sure, but only when this program is over.


Dialogue B:

A: Excuse me. I think I left my bag here yesterday.

B: You are not the only one who leaves things here. We’ve got everything, from phones to umbrellas. The customers always forget something. What’s your bag like?

A: It’s brown, with a picture of the sunset.

B: I see. And what was inside?

A: Hm. My purse, sunglasses, and two tickets for tomorrow’s show at the musical theatre.

B: And the last question, for security. Where did you leave it?

A: In the sportswear department, I think. I was buying a t-shirt there.

B: It must be this one.

A: It is. Thanks a lot.


Dialogue C:

A: The chicken was really delicious.

B: Yes, it was good.

A: And, what would you like to do after dinner?

B: I wouldn’t mind going to the cinema.

A: That’s not a bad idea. We haven’t been to the cinema in a long while.

B: I know there’s a new comedy at the Twin Film at eight.

A: Then we better finish up our desert and ask for the bill. Otherwise, we risk being late for the film.


Dialogue D:

A: Carol! Get out of the way. I want to take a picture.

B: Sorry. I thought you wanted to take a picture of me.

A: Not this time. Today, I’m focusing on photos of trees, grass and flowers. No people in my photos. It’s my contribution to the photo exhibition “Spring in Our Town.”

B: If it’s not about me, I’m not interested. Come on. Take your pictures, and let’s be off. The film starts in forty minutes, and I want to buy some drinks and popcorn in the cinema café.



A – 4: At home

B – 5: In a shopping centre

C – 1: In a restaurant

D – 3: In a park





Место действия

4 5 1




Задание 2


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Speaker A: Yeah, I don’t think I’m very good a keeping things clean. My mum is always getting upset that I leave my cup or plate unwashed in the kitchen. Or leave my clothes in the bathroom in the wrong place, and do other things like that. I do it automatically, never on purpose. I’m used to it, that’s all. I know I should improve, but so far I haven’t been able to do anything about it.


Speaker B: I know we cannot live without mobile phones today. But why use them everywhere, and all the time. People who talk loudly on their mobile phone on a train, bus, or even worse – in the cinema – they really drive me mad. Or, when they are being served at a shop and they take a call, and customers are waiting behind them. I think mobile etiquette should be taught at schools, colleges, and universities, to improve the situation.


Speaker C:  Recently, I have read a book about time management, and understood why I was always short of time. I spent too much time using the internet, reading emails, and chatting online. I decided to change the situation and follow certain rules. Now, I try to check my emails and news websites only twice a day — once in the morning, and once in the evening. I’m sure it saves my time for school and my hobby. Of course, sometimes I break the rule, but the next day I do my best to follow it.


Speaker D: What helped me to improve my school results? Just three rules that I started to follow recently. After I come home and have some afternoon tea, I get straight into my homework. When I start my homework, I turn off my mobile phone, computer, and TV, so that they do not distract me. And the third rule, I set a timer for forth minutes and have a regular five-minute break. My rules really work. Try and see for yourself.


Speaker E: I always worry about everything — my school grades, doing everything in time, my exams, really, everything. I wish I were like my sister, Kate. She has learned to take things calmly. She always says “Every cloud has a silver lining. Try to find positive things in any situation.” I would like to follow her balanced attitude towards life.



A – 3: The speaker regrets a bad habit he/she has.

B – 5: The speaker talks about people’s inappropriate behaviour.

C – 1: The speaker says how he/she is changing his/her habit.

D – 6: The speaker explains what helps him/her to do well at school.

E – 4: The speaker talks about a skill he/she would like to have.






3 5 1 6




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Kevin: Hi, Angela. Have you been waiting long?

Angela: Hi, Kevin. No, not really. I only got here a few minutes ago. I’ve ordered ice cream for both of us.

Kevin: Ice cream?

Angela: Do you mind?

Kevin: No, certainly not. I didn’t have time to eat at home, and feel pretty hungry now.

Angela: Here’s the menu. Choose something else, if you like.

Kevin: Thanks. I’ll also have some soup.

Angela: You look cold, as well as hungry.

Kevin: Yes, It’s freezing out.

Angela: I wouldn’t say it’s freezing, but… Anyway, you’ve probably guessed why I asked you to come here.

Kevin: No. Why? Are you getting married, and want to invite me to the ceremony?

Angela: No. I hope to attend your university graduation ceremony first.

Kevin: Maybe in two years, I hope!

Angela: Okay. And what I really want to discuss is our grandma’s birthday. You remember that she’s turning ninety next month.

Kevin: Ninety! Oh, gosh, yes. Thanks for reminding me.

Angela: I believe we should gather the whole family and arrange a special celebration.

Kevin: Oh, yes.

Angela: We’ll bring together all her four children, us – her grandchildren, and all the other relatives we are able to find.

Kevin: Right. Remember, she did a lot to unite us. I’m the only child in my family, but I’ve never felt lonely. I’ve always had my cousins around — you and Tommy, and Kitty.

Angela: Yeah. Tommy and I always looked forward to the holidays, to the time when we would go to granny’s house and meet up with all our cousins.

Kevin: And do you remember our favorite game?

Angela: Hide-and-seek? Yes, I do remember. I also remember that my father tried to get us to play more and more intellectual games, like making LEGO pyramids.

Kevin: And my dad wanted us to play something less noisy, like table tennis.

Angela: But we always ended up playing hide-and-seek.

Kevin: Yes, it was a great time. And we were dreaming about great adventures, and great discoveries.

Angela: You were going to become an archeologist and study ancient civilizations. You even did drawings of ancient cities.

Kevin: But instead of that I entered the faculty of law, and will be studying contracts and agreements, and all kinds of company disputes till the end of my career.

Angela: Which is not bad at all. Your teachers have always said that you were good at humanities.

Kevin: Yes. And your teachers said you were good at arts. You haven’t given up playing guitar, I hope?

Angela: No, I haven’t. I can’t do without my guitar. It helps me cope with the stress. I read somewhere that people who play a musical instrument on a regular basis are less nervous and irritable than those who don’t.

Kevin: I’m not sure about that, but let’s get back to our business. Have you got any idea yet as to how we are going to celebrate?





3. Angela and Kevin are talking

3) in a cafe.


4. Angela and Kevin are going to celebrate

2) grandmother’s birthday.


5. Kevin and Angela are

3) cousins.


6. In their childhood Kevin and Angela’s favourite game was

1) hide-and-seek.


7. Kevin has chosen the career of

3) a lawyer.


8. Angela’s hobby has always been

1) music.



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