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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: What time is it? We’re going to be late, aren’t we?

B: No, it’s only six. We’re on time.

A: But we’ll never make it there with all this evening traffic.

B: Sure we will. Rush hour is almost over. Anyway, the party starts at seven.

A: But I thought we had to be at the restaurant by six-thirty for the surprise party?

B: Please, don’t panic. I’m trying to figure out the shortest way to the restaurant.

A: Okay, but mind the speed limit.


Dialogue B:

A: Excuse me. Could you tell me where I should get off for the Holiday Inn Hotel?

B: Well, I’m not really sure, but it somewhere not far from here — in South Street.

A: Should I get off at the next stop, then?

B: No, in two stops actually. But probably, you are right. The traffic is so bad that you’d better get off now and just walk three blocks down the street. It will be faster. The Holiday Inn is on the corner, across from the bank.

A: Thank you.

B: Press the button to let the driver know you want to stop here.


Dialogue C:

A: Hi. How can I help you?

B: I need to have my car serviced before my long drive home. Can you give me information about the nearest car service centre?

A: Yes, certainly. There’s a good car centre down the street. It’s only two minutes’ drive from here.

B: Thanks. And, I also have some problems with the TV in my room. Can you send someone to fix it?

A: Of course.

B: Thank you. And, I’ll be checking out tomorrow, early in the morning. Can you give me a wake-up call at five-thirty?

A: Sure.


Dialogue D:

A: Hi! Here you are at last. What kept you so long?

B: Traffic jams. The bus got stuck in the city centre. It took me almost an hour to get to your house.

A: Yeah, I see. But now that you are here, I would like you to join us. You know most of the guests. We’re still waiting for my sister, Wendy, and a couple of my university friends.

B: I see. Can I have a drink?

A: Sure. I’ll get you some coke with ice. Is that okay?

B: Yes, thanks.



A – 3. In a car

B – 4. On a bus

C – 1. In a hotel

D – 2. At a party





Место действия

3 4 1




Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: I’m not athletic at all, though I used to go swimming. Now I just do it for fun, and for exercise, and it seems boring to me as a spectator. However, if there’s a football match on, here I am in front of the screen, afraid to miss a minute of the exciting game. I don’t play it, but that doesn’t really matter. Quite often my friends and I go to the stadium to support Liverpool, my all-time favorite team.


Speaker B: Swimming has been something I have done all my life, and also a bit of water polo. Both are really good sports. However, now I’d like to do something more exciting, which I haven’t done before. And surfing is on top of my list. It’s quite challenging, I know. I’ll need to learn a lot, and it’s not going to be easy, like anything you do for the first time. But I’m ready to have a go.


Speaker C: Playing football, basketball, or volleyball, is one of the best ways for people to improve their social skills. Sports encourage people to interact and go along with other members while playing. The participants learn how to properly mingle with other people, and respect their individual personalities. Since everybody wants to win, all members are forced to cooperate with one another to achieve the common goal of winning. That is something you cannot learn from a book or a movie.


Speaker D: I first tried diving only a year ago, but now I’m really into it. It’s amazing to experience the underwater world; so different from ours, and truly wonderful. Diving looks simply, however it’s not as easy and safe as it looks. The sudden loss of oxygen is probably the biggest threat. It’s also dangerous to rise quickly to the surface, or just dive in an unfamiliar place, where you can easily get lost.  However, with proper precautions, diving can open up a whole new world, far from the stresses of daily life.


Speaker E: I get really emotional when I’m watching sports events. I cry and shout and yell and stand up and clap, if I’m watching something like a football cup final match, or a biathlon competition. Mum says it looks crazy, as I start giving advice to everyone and jump around my room. But I can’t keep all the feeling inside. I’ve got to let them out.



A – 1. The speaker talks about the sport he/she likes watching.

B – 6. The speaker talks about the sport he/she wants to try.

C – 4. The speaker talks about the psychological benefit of team sports.

D – 2. The speaker talks about the risks of a certain sport.

E – 3. The speaker talks about his/her reactions to a sports event.






1 6 4 2




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Father: Oh, Emma, you’re at home already?

Emma: Yes.

Father: Why? I hope you haven’t got the flu from your mum.

Emma: No, I feel well. No signs of flu.

Father: What’s wrong then? We expected you to come later in the evening.

Emma: Everything’s fine. I just decided not to go to the party, and spend the evening at home.

Father: Which means something is definitely wrong. You were going to Kate’s birthday party, weren’t you? Kate is your best friend, and the fact you are here says something has happened.

Emma: Well, yes. We had an argument. She said that I cheated in the test.

Father: And you didn’t, did you?

Emma: No, I didn’t. It was a maths test. You know I’m top of the class in maths, and my high grades are well deserved.

Father: Yes, I know about it. You’ve always loved maths, in contrast to humanitarian subjects.

Emma: Right. And I’ve always participated in all kinds of contests and competitions. Last year, it was the international competition in Spain, remember? Kate’s favorite is literature. She’s very good at writing essays, which doesn’t mean she cheats, does it?

Father: No, it doesn’t. Look, let’s forget it for a while. What would you like for supper? You’ve missed the birthday cake, so you must be hungry.

Emma: I don’t like cakes or sweets, you know, but I wouldn’t mind some fried chicken.

Father: Sorry, I’m not a chef, but only a humble amateur in cooking. Will spaghetti do?

Emma: Yes, I like the way you cook it. With garlic and tomatoes, and lots of spices.

Father: Fine. Mum will be later than usual tonight.

Emma: Problems at work?

Father: Sort of. They are operating on one of her patients today – the journalist from our local newspaper. The case turned out to be more complicated than expected. The operation is still going.

Emma: Poor mum. She’ll come home absolutely exhausted, I’m afraid. Look, let’s arrange some family outing next weekend.

Father: Good idea, but where to?

Emma: We can take a boat trip, or go on a picnic, or to the theatre.

Father: The boat trip is out. The weather forecast says it could be windy on both Saturday and Sunday. The picnic — it’s better to put off until sometime later, because of the weather again. As for the theatre, I’m not very keen on it, but mum will be delighted, so I’ll gladly join you both for that. Have you already chosen the show?

Emma: Yes, I have, but I won’t tell you which. I’ll buy the tickets myself and let it be a surprise for you.

Father: That’s settled, then. Is it okay if I switch on the TV? There’s a football game on, and I want to have a look at how they are doing.

Emma: Yes, sure. I would actually prefer you did some sport yourself, instead of watching it.

Father: What sport? I’m too old for anything except billiards and chess.

Emma: Rubbish! Lots of people take up new hobbies and new sports at your age. I would recommend tennis.

Father: Why?

Emma: Because I’ve been to the court recently and had a talk with the coach, and he said the whole family is welcome.

Father: Well…

Emma: My first lesson is tomorrow, and I need a partner. Are you coming with me?

Father: I don’t think I have any choice, do I?

Emma: No.

Father: Okay. What time are we going?





3. Emma is at home at the moment because

3) she has argued with her friend.


4. Emma’s favourite school subject is

1) Mathematics.


5. For supper Emma is going to have

3) some spaghetti.


6. Emma’s mother works

1) in a hospital.


7. Next weekend Emma and her family are going

1) to the theatre.


8. The sport Emma’s father is going to try is

3) tennis.



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