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Задание 1


Тексты для аудирования


Dialogue A:

A: Hey, Sam. Have a look at those deserts. Do you want any?

B: No, I don’t. I’d prefer a homemade cake. How about baking a cake when we get back home?

A: Hm. That’s not a bad idea. But we need to buy all the necessary ingredients, then.

B: Okay. Tell me what we need and I’ll put it in our shopping cart.

A: We definitely need milk, butter, and dark chocolate.

B: Here’s the milk and butter, and chocolate must be over there.

A: You go and get it. I’ll be waiting for you at the cash desk.


Dialogue B:

A: Is there a problem, madam?

B: I can’t eat this salad. Look! There’s a caterpillar on the plate.

A: I’m very sorry about that. Can I bring you another one?

B: No, thanks. I’d rather take something…safer. How about chicken fillet with fried potatoes?

A: Yes. Would you like it with cheese sauce or with ketchup?

B: With the cheese sauce. And I hope it won’t take too long. I’m in a hurry.

A: Don’t worry. It will be ready in ten minutes.


Dialogue C:

A: Joe. You haven’t written your report yet.

B: I’ll work on it tomorrow, mum.

A: But you’re playing soccer tomorrow.

B: I know, but I can write my report after the game.

A: No. You will be too tired.

B: Okay, I’ll start it tonight. Can I finish my potatoes first?

A: Of course, dear. Would you like some more salad?

B: No, thanks, but I want a piece of chocolate cake.

A: Sure, but it’s still in the oven. Go and start your report. I’ll call you when the cake is ready.


Dialogue D:

A: Excuse me. Could you give me another room?

B: Is there a problem?

A: My room overlooks the town square. There is a café right under my window and it’s extremely noisy. And I can’t stand the smell of frying. I couldn’t sleep at all. I didn’t fall asleep until the morning.

B: I’m sorry about that. I’ll see if there’s another room free. Just a moment.

A: Thank you. And where can I have my breakfast?



A – 2: In a supermarket

B – 5: In a restaurant

C – 4: At home

D – 3: In a hotel


Диалог A B C D
Место действия 2 5 4 3



Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: Our family is not large, but we are very close, and spend lots of time together. Unlike most families, we don’t only get together in the evening and at weekends, but we see each other a lot during the daytime in our family bakery. It was set up by my grandfather, and now my parents run it. My granddad is still in charge of all the accounting matters. I help in the bakery shop, and my brother delivers fresh bread and buns to our regular customers.


Speaker B: My family is big – four brothers and one sister, and my parents, and a dog. There are lots of people around, and I think it’s good. You’re never lonely and there’s always someone to hang around with, or play with, or do something with. We often go out and celebrate our special days together. There are lots of birthday parties to celebrate every year. I’m never bored, as I always have company. That’s wonderful, isn’t it?


Speaker C: My friend has a large family, and sometimes I envy him. On the one hand, I feel happy because I have all my mother’s and father’s care and love only for me. I have never had to share my toys and gadgets with anybody. But, on the other hand, sometimes I wish I had a brother or sister, because from time to time I feel lonely at home. I have friend, but it’s not the same. I believe when I’m grown up, and have a family of my own, I’ll have at least two kids.


Speaker D: My sister and I are twins, and people think we should be inseparable, because we are very much alike. But, that’s not true. We do look very much alike, but we are very different in character. And, for this reason, we don’t get along with each other. We often quarrel, and even have fights. It happens when we can’t share something we both like. Our parents get angry with us when we argue, and it makes the situation even worse.


Speaker E: I enjoy it when our family gets together. It doesn’t happen very often, unfortunately, because we live in different cities, and everyone is always so busy. But, there is a day when we put off all our other plans and come to our grandparents’ house for a special party. We exchange news, discuss our plans, chat, and enjoy the most delicious cake our grandmother makes for this day. It’s huge, and everyone has a share of it.



A – 5: The speaker talks about his/her family business.

B – 4: The speaker talks about the advantages of a big family.

C – 6: The speaker talks about being an only child in the family.

D – 3: The speaker talks about disagreements with a family member.

E – 1: The speaker talks about a family event.






5 4 6 3




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Lucy: Oh, hi James. You are very early today.

James: Oh, Lucy! You’re early too. There are still almost forty minutes before the class.

Lucy: It’s because my dad gave me a lift to school today. Normally, I go by school bus, but today he said he wanted to talk over some important matters with me, and that we could talk on the way to school.

James: Oh, when my parents want to discuss something serious with me, it’s always about how unhappy they are with my academic results.

Lucy: No, it wasn’t that. He was talking about my future career. I mean, that it’s high time I made some decision about it.

James: I understand. And, you don’t know what you really want to do when you grow up?

Lucy: Exactly. I know what I definitely do not want to do. I do not want to be in finance or accounting. It seems extremely boring to work as an accountant. But dad says it’s a very stable and well paid job.

James: My parents also put stability and good pay first. It doesn’t occur to them that the job must be interesting and exciting.

Lucy: My thoughts exactly! At the moment, I can’t decide between the career of a teacher and a police officer.

James: Ha! They will both give you all the excitement you need, and they both require strong nerves.

Lucy: And good health. That’s why I want to start doing sports again.

James: Have you ever gone in for sports?

Lucy: A long time ago. I did some figure skating. Mum took me to the city skating rink. And I also cycled a bit, but it was for pleasure, not as a regular sport. Now I need something different. Athletics, I think, to develop my whole body and to build my stamina.

James: Yeah. Athletics is the best choice, considering your possible career choice. I do it too.

Lucy: Do you?

James: Yes. I usually come to school early to have time to exercise in our gym. But today it’s closed, for some unknown reason, and it’s too cold to exercise outdoors.

Lucy: Pity.

James: Never mind. Next time. The real pity is that we don’t have a swimming pool in our school.

Lucy: Yeah I wish we had one. And I wouldn’t mind a skating rink too. But, alas! What class are we having first today?

James: Literature.

Lucy: Okay. That’s easy. We aren’t going to write any tests or essays today, are we?

James: No, as far as I know. How did you do with the Maths test yesterday, by the way?

Lucy: Oh, it was really difficult, and I always make loads of small mistakes. Some silly mistakes in calculations. But because of them, my grades are always very low.

James: Overall, your Science grades are always high. You are really top of the class in Science.

Lucy: It’s because I find it very interesting. I always enjoy reading more about the topic than is needed for the homework. And today, I’m going to the cinema to watch about a great astrophysicist.

James: Are you talking about Stephen Hawking?

Lucy: Yes. The film is about him. He’s a genius. How about joining me? It starts at 6pm, and lasts for…I don’t now, about two hours, probably.

James: I wish I could, but I have already made my plans for tonight. A friend of mine wants to drop in and discuss something, though I’m not sure this something is really important.





3. Lucy usually gets to school

2) by school bus.


4. Lucy hates the idea of becoming

2) an accountant.


5. The sport Lucy wants to start is

1) athletics.


6. The sports facilities provided by the school include

2) an indoor gym.


7. Lucy’s favourite school subject is

3) Science.


8. In the evening Lucy’s planning

2) to go to the cinema.



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