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Задание 1


Тексты для аудирования


Dialogue A:

A: Hello, how can I help you?

B: Hi. I need to get in shape fast. Is it possible, do you think?

A: Yes, certainly. You’ve come to the right place. What activity do you enjoy – swimming, aerobics, yoga, dancing?

B: Hm. Aerobics, I think.

A: Good. I can recommend an aerobics class three times a week. Will that do?

B: Okay. What are the days and times. And how many people are there in the group?

A: Please, take a seat, and I will give you all the details.


Dialogue B:

A: Hello, Miss Foster. What is the reason for your coming?

B: Well, I started visiting the gym last week.

A: That’s good news, isn’t it?

B: Yes, but there’s a problem with it.

A: What kind a of problem?

B: When I got home after the training session yesterday, I felt an awful headache, and my heart was beating violently. I couldn’t sleep at all.

A: Don’t worry. I’ll take your blood pressure, and we’ll see if any other tests are necessary.


Dialogue C:

A: And now I’m happy to present to you, Rachael, a young lady who looks very fit. It wasn’t like this a year ago, was it Rachael?

B: Oh, no. Exactly one year ago I was watching this program, sitting on the sofa in my home, with a bowl of popcorn in front of me. I was overweight, but I didn’t believe the advice the guests of the program were giving me, and the other people, on the other side of the screen. Dieting, gym, swimming, and aerobics didn’t sound convincing to me.

A: And what did you start with?


Dialogue D:

A: It’s sunny, but chilly today — the right kind of weather for jogging. How are you feeling, by the way?

B: A bit out of breath.

A: It’s because you haven’t exercised for a long while.

B: I know, but don’t worry. I’ll get back in shape sooner that you can expect me to.

A: I’m not so sure. You’re really slow today. You can’t keep up with me.

B: I’m just warming up. Be prepared for a race around the lake.

A: Are you serious?



A – 5: In a sports centre

B – 2: In a medical centre

C – 1: In a TV studio

D – 4: In a park





Место действия

5 2 1




Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: I learned Spanish as a foreign language, and last summer I went to Spain as an exchange student. I chose to stay with a host family, not in a student’s hostel. And this was a great mistake. The people I stayed with were a middle-age couple without children. They wanted me to spend all my free time with them, and kept asking lots of silly questions. They didn’t want to accept the fact that I needed time to do my homework, and to be on my own. I wouldn’t recommend anyone stay with a host family.


Speaker B: I spent last summer abroad as an exchange student. It was a great experience. I was staying with a host family and it differs a lot from living with your own family. My hosts never treated me as a child, but as a responsible person, and I had to become responsible. I kept my room tidy, never came home later than I had promised to, and was careful with what to ask, and how to answer. I suddenly understood that those people’s opinions of my country could be based on my behavior.


Speaker C: When I was getting ready for my trip abroad, the most important question for my parents was where I would stay. I wanted to choose a student’s hostel, but my parents were against it, and I went to a host family. It was the right choice. I’ve never regretted it. My hosts were a lively couple with two kids a bit younger than me. We spent all our free time together and it was very good for my Spanish. We went camping, and they showed me the surroundings. And Senora Clara cooked fantastic pastas. I’ve never tasted anything like that since then.


Speaker D: Well, I thought I could speak Spanish pretty well before I came to Spain as a student. I was taking a course in a language school. In the classroom, everything was more or less fine. But, I was absolutely unable to understand people on the streets. They were speaking very fast and pronounced words indistinctly. So, I had to ask the same question several times before I was able to catch the answer. The locals also used words that are only used I their particular region. I hadn’t seen them in my text book.


Speaker E: It was my parents’ idea to send me to France for the language course. I’d never left home for so long, and I thought I would feel homesick and lonely. But, it was nothing like that. There was no time. Till about 2:00pm, we had classes, and then we had excursions and tours. Every other day, we had some events, like contests and concerts. And in the evening, there was time for partying and having fun. It was great and I never felt bored.



A – 2: The speaker talks about the negative experience he/she had with the host family.

B – 5: The speaker talks about the influence of the trip abroad on his/her character.

C – 1: The speaker talks about the advantages of staying with a host family.

D – 3: The speaker talks about the language problems he/she experienced.

E – 6: The speaker talks about the after-class activities.






2 5 1 3




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Linda: I really feel like going to the movies tonight. What do you think? David, can you hear me?

David: Yes I can, Linda. What did you say?

Linda: You were just like…like always. You pretend you’re listening to me, but you aren’t.

David: That’s not fair. I am. I just can’t answer your questions as fast as you ask them. Could you make me a cup of tea before we have a quarrel over nothing?

Linda: No. Stop staring at your monitor and give me several minutes of your time. At least on Sunday, will you?

David: Okay, okay. I’m putting aside the computer. See? I’m really sorry, but you know that sometimes I have to take work home. I can’t just stop thinking about the project as soon as I leave my office. An accountant, a manager, or a dentist can do it, but I’m not one of them.

Linda: Are you saying making web pages is more important than treating people’s teeth?

David: Linda, you know how I respect your job, especially at the moments my teeth give me trouble. Just recall how we met. It was in your dentist’s surgery.

Linda: Yes, I remember. You were a very cowardly patient.

David: And I thought nobody noticed how scared I was. But I upgraded your site afterwards — for free.

Linda: Yes. It was very nice of you. Even my grandma said our site became more appealing. It’s probably because you used green as the main colour, and it’s the favorite colour of the Irish. You know they even call their country the Emerald Isle.

David: It’s lovely. Is she really from there? I always thought she was born in Australia.

Linda: No, she was born in Ireland. She left it to go to university in France, and then went to Australia. But granny still loves her native country a lot. She always wears an old Irish coin bracelet, and says it brings her luck.

David: She’s a nice, sentimental lady.

Linda: Yes. Once, just by chance, I came across a notebook with her poems. She started writing them in her teens, and still does it, but never s shows them to anyone.

David: Why not?

Linda: She’s afraid we’ll laugh, I think. Her verses are very naïve. About love, roses and thorns, dreams and reality.

David: We should visit her one day, shouldn’t we?

Linda: Yes. I was thinking about it. But, I’m working three weekends ahead, so probably not sooner than in a month.

David: Let me know a little bit beforehand, okay? I want to go with you, but I have to make some work arrangements.

Linda: Okay.

David: And you were saying something about seeing a film tonight. It’s a Western again, I bet.

Linda: Yes. Have you got anything against that?

David: No. I’m really happy you prefer the adventures of cowboys to tearful love stories. And on the way to the cinema, we’ll drop into the cafeteria where they serve cartoon character cakes.

Linda: Cartoon character cakes? You mean the cakes shaped as Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh, don’t you? Last time you had a dozen of them.

David: So what?

Linda: Don’t eat too many sweet cakes. You’ll be back in the Dentist’s chair again.





3. Linda and David are talking

1) at home.


4. David works as

2) an IT specialist.


5. Linda’s grandmother is from

1) Ireland.


6. In her free time Linda’s grandmother

3) writes poetry.


7. Next weekend Linda is going

1) to work in her office.


8. Linda’s favourite film genre is

3) westerns.



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