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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Our seats are 7A and 7B. Would you like the window seat, or the aisle seat?

B: I don’t mind.

A: Then I’ll take the window seat. These seats are comfortable, aren’t they?

B: They have to be comfortable. This airline is one of the best in the world.

A: Could you put my jacket into the overhead compartment?

B: Sure.


Dialogue B:

A: Hello. One ticket to London, please.

B: Single, or return?

A: Return, please. When does the next train set off?

B: There’s an intercity that leaves at 8:26, but you have to change at Darby. There’s also an express that goes straight through at ten past nine (9:10).

A: The express, please.

B: Here you are. Platform seven.


Dialogue C:

A: Hello. The Primrose Hotel, please.

B: Okay. Could you fasten your seatbelt? Our police are strict about that.

A: Okay, fine. How long will it take to get there?

B: Fifteen minutes, if there are no hold-ups.

A: Fine. And how much will it cost, roughly?

B: About ten pounds. Is it your first visit to the city?

A: Yes.


Dialogue D:

A: Excuse me. How can I get to the railway station?

B: Well, go down this street, turn left at the traffic lights…

A: Yes.

B: Then, go straight on until you get to the department store. The railway station is next to it. It’s pretty far, actually. You’d better take a bus.

A: And where is the bus stop?

B: There. Can you see the sign?

A: Yes. Thank you.



A – 1: On board a plane

B – 3: At a railway station

C – 5: In a taxi

D – 2: In a street





Место действия

1 3 5




Задание 2


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Speaker A: In my school grounds, littering has become a real problem. Papers, packages, cans, and all sorts of rubbish were everywhere. Our head teacher has reacted by stopping afterschool activities for all students. I think that it’s not fair. I feel that the students who have nothing to do with the problem should not suffer. Only those who leave rubbish on school grounds should be punished, not every single student.


Speaker B: It’s a fact that in my school, most students don’t know that littering on school grounds is harming the planet. I feel the school should explain to them that littering is very bad for the environment. There could be some reports and programs on the school radio station, as well as articles on the school’s student blog. If the students know what rubbish does to the planet, I’m sure they’ll stop littering. They’ll know the effects that they are causing.


Speaker C: It all started last week. Our teacher explained to us. It’s a new program to promote a healthy environment. It’s called Litter-Free Lunches. The idea is to develop a different attitude to lunch boxes. We should all start using reusable containers, such as plastic food containers, and water bottles instead of paper cups. It’s an effort to reduce the amount of litter in our school. We are wondering if it will work. It’s all so new to us.


Speaker D: I hope people all over the world understand how much harm litter does to the planet. However, here things are different. The citizens don’t even notice that they are littering. Everywhere I walk, there is trash on the side of the road. On the streets, there are cardboard boxes, used cups, and plastic bags. I feel very sad that the place where I live is so dirty, and nobody is trying to do anything about it.


Speaker E: People who litter streets, parks, and playgrounds demonstrate their disrespect of other people. I believe they should be punished for this. For example, if someone throws plastic cups or biscuit packages, or whatever, on the ground, they should pay a fine for it. Alternatively, they should be made to do ome cleaning. Definitely, the local authorities should put enough litter bins in all public places. I’m sure that when all this is done, the situation will improve.



A – 5: The speaker believes that the punishment is unfair.

B – 3: The speaker believes ecological education is necessary at school.

C – 2: The speaker talks about an environmental project in his/her school.

D – 6: The speaker talks about an unpleasant situation in his/her hometown.

E – 4: The speaker suggests measures to solve the littering problem.






5 3 2 6




Задания 3-8


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Julia: Hi, Nick!

Nick: Oh, Julia. What are you doing here?

Julia: I’m waiting for a friend. She had a severe pain in her stomach in the morning and I’ve brought her here. The doctor’s examining her at the moment. And you?

Nick: I’m here to see the dentist.

Julia: I told you that you eat too many sweets, didn’t I?

Nick: Yes, you did. But, the problem wasn’t caused by the sweets.

Julia: If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe your own eyes. Look at that poster. Sugar is the leading cause of dental problems.

Nick: In fact, I don’t often eat cakes, ice cream, or sweets. What I really like is fried potatoes. I’d be happy to eat them every day.

Julia: You are just like my brother. He says a dinner without potatoes is not a meal, no matter how many salads there are on the table.

Nick: I didn’t know you have a brother.

Julia: I do. And you? Are you an only child in the family?

Nick: No, I have a sister, but she is much older than me, and she lives on her own in another city. We don’t see each other very often.

Julia: I see.

Nick: She’s graduated from university and works in a scientific centre.

Julia: Oh. And what did she study at university?

Nick: Chemistry was her major subject. She’s been fond of it since childhood.

Julia: She’s clever, isn’t she?

Nick: Oh, yes. As for me, chemistry is beyond my understanding. All these chemical reactions are so complicated. Mathematics is much easier. You just need to work with figures.

Julia: To me, maths and science are all the same. I prefer languages.

Nick: Yes, I like them too. Do you think languages will be useful for your career?

Julia: Sure. I’m going to be a teacher and I want to teach foreign languages.

Nick: Yeah, and I want to create some new computer software

Julia: You mean to be a programmer? A person who writes computer programs?

Nick: Yes. It’s what I want to be. I’ve already chosen which university to go to. They provide very good teaching, their computers are at the cutting edge, and they have a very strong football team.

Julia: Which you dream to join?

Nick: Oh, yes. I’ve tried many sports, from Karate to Athletics. All of them were okay, but only football makes me feel excited.

Julia: It’s because football is a team sport, and you are a good team player.

Nick: I hope so.

Julia: Yes, you are. Oh, look! The dentist’s ready to see you. Good luck.

Nick: Thanks! I’ll need it.





3. Nick is in a medical clinic because he has a problem with

1) his teeth.


4. Nick’s favourite food is

3) potatoes.


5. Nick has

2) a sister.


6. The most difficult school subject for Nick is

1) Chemistry.


7. In the future Nick wants to be

2) a programmer.


8. As for sports, Nick prefers

3) football.



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