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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Hello! Can I help you?

B: Hi! I’m looking for some jeans.

A: We have lots of jeans, different brands.

B: I need black jeans, low rise.

A: Here you are. Try these ones for the size. I think they’ll fit you.

B: All right! Thanks!

A: The changing room is over there.


Dialogue B:

A: Hello! I’d like to go to London. Can you help?

B: Yes, sure. We can book the plane tickets and the hotel for you, and design a programme for your stay.

A: Great!

B: When are you planning to go?

A: Late November.

B: That’s a good time to visit London for shopping. It’s sales time.

A: Sounds good, but I’m planning to go sightseeing actually.


Dialogue C:

A: It’s nice to be back home. It’s been a long trip.

B: Let’s order first, and then you can tell me about it. I’ve always dreamt of seeing London.

A: You will one day. Can you recommend anything?

B: Green salad will refresh you after the long flight, and fried chicken wings are very good here.

A: OK, and some dessert too.


Dialogue D:

A: Good morning, where are you flying to?

B: London.

A: May I have your passport, please?

B: Here you are. Can I take this bag as hand luggage?

A: Yes, you can. Would you like a window seat?

B: I don’t mind.

A: Here’s your boarding pass. Have a nice flight!

B: Thank you!



A – 3: In a shopping centre

B – 5: At a tourist agency

C – 1: In a cafe

D – 4: At the airport





Место действия

3 5 1




Задание 2


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Speaker A: My high school in Germany was not big at all, actually, only about a thousand people. The good thing was that we were a very united community. You see, in a German high school there are students from 10 years old to 20 years old, and sometimes there can be bullying. Fortunately, that didn’t happen in our case. We got along well and had a really nice family atmosphere. The older students were friendly and helped the younger ones.


Speaker B: My high school was in the very centre of our town, and children from different cultural backgrounds went there. Half of the students were Spanish, but also there were many people from Asian countries, especially China and Korea. We also had students from Latin America and Russia. I really enjoyed being part of that diverse community. Our cultures and backgrounds were different, but we learned to understand each other, and it was a great experience.


Speaker C: My high school has a very good reputation in our town, and it deserves it. All my classmates are very motivated and focused on studying. It’s difficult to learn in this environment, because you have to keep up with your classmates. Nobody wants to look like a loser. But it’s also exciting. It feels like a competition. I’m really proud of my grade, and I feel I won’t have much problem entering university.


Speaker D: I live in the centre of the city. Fortunately, my school is nearby, and I spend lots of time there. I mean, I go there not only to learn but also to do sports and other recreation activities. The school is really well equipped. We have two gyms — one for games like football and volleyball, the other for gymnastics and acrobatics. There’s also a swimming pool. It’s not large, but it’s fine, anyway. And there’s an open air sports ground, which I particularly enjoy.


Speaker E: I’ve changed school recently. And though I still have many friends in my former school, I like my new one very much. It’s located in an old three-story building. The first thing that impressed me was that the school looks very traditional from the outside and very modern inside. The classrooms are light and spacious, the corridors and lobbies are large and arranged in a high-tech style. There’s even a winter garden on the upper floor of the building.



A — 3: his/her international learning environment

B — 6: good relations among students

C — 2: his/her academic achievements

D — 5: his/her school’s sports facilities

E — 1: what his/her school looks like






3 6 2 5




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Jeff: Hi, Maggie! Are you heading to the canteen, so early?

Maggie: Oh, yes, Jeff, I could eat a horse. I skipped breakfast today, and now I’m regretting it.

Jeff: I’m going there too, but I never have breakfast at home.

Maggie: Why not?

Jeff: I just have no time for it. I sleep to the last possible moment.

Maggie: And I didn’t eat because I decided to try a new diet. That was a stupid thing to do.

Jeff: Huh, it certainly is stupid. You’re the captain of the school athletic team. You spend hours at the stadium. I do cycling and know that sport burns lots of calories.

Maggie: It’s true. It was Linda who talked me into trying the diet.

Jeff: But Linda has never done any sport. I’ve seen her at the swimming pool once, and she was sitting on the bench with a sandwich in her hand.

Maggie: Careful, she’s my friend.

Jeff: Sorry, I… I didn’t mean any offence. Look at that food, those buns look yummy! What would you like to eat to compensate for skipping breakfast?

Maggie: Pizza. No, they only serve vegetarian pizza today. I’ll have fish and chips. I haven’t eaten it for ages.

Jeff: And it looks like a huge portion. I’ll have fish and chips too.

Maggie: Fine, let’s take the food to that table, by the window. Okay?

Jeff: Yes, sure. Sit down. Oh, the chips are delicious.

Maggie: It’s a simple dish, but I can never cook it in the same way they do it in the canteen.

Jeff: They probably know the secret.

Maggie: Yes, maybe. We don’t often cook anything special at home. Mum prefers frozen food, it saves time.

Jeff: Right, but homemade food is better. I actually like homemade things of all kinds and prefer them to manufactured goods.

Maggie: Oh, yes. I adore homemade presents. I always make something special for my family like homemade birthday cards, little pictures, accessories. It’s a pity I can’t knit or sew — otherwise I would try to make clothes myself.

Jeff: Like a designer?

Maggie: Kind of. I actually dream of being a designer in the future, not of clothes, but an interior designer.

Jeff: A person who advises about the colours of the walls and what pieces of furniture to buy?

Maggie: Sort of. You are not taking it seriously, but even doctors say that people’s health and happiness depends on how their home looks. Harmony in your home makes you live longer.

Jeff: Probably. I just thought you wanted to be an athletics coach.

Maggie: No, I’ve never thought about it as a career. Oh, what time is it? I need to hurry up, or I’ll be late for my literature class.

Jeff: Is it your last lesson for today?

Maggie: Oh, no. After literature I have maths and then science. Why do you ask?

Jeff: I need to discuss one thing with you. It’s about my younger sister.

Maggie: Does she want to join our team?

Jeff: Yes, but I’m not sure she should do it. Could we talk about it after your classes?





3. Maggie did not have breakfast at home because she

3) was on a diet.


4. As for sports, Maggie does

2) athletics.


5. For her meal Maggie is having

3) fish and chips.


6. Maggie enjoys making

2) souvenirs.


7. In the future Maggie wants to be

1) a designer.


8. The class Maggie is having in a few minutes is

3) Literature.



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