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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Excuse me. Where can I find something about the history of the theater?

B: Let me see…Right. There we have some materials on Shakespeare in theater. Next — the most famous international drama schools.

A: I have to write an essay, and I probably should start with Shakespeare’s time.

B: That sounds logical, but there were also theatrical performances in the ancient world. Would you like to see the related texts on Ancient Greece?

A: Yeah, I’d really like to.


Dialogue B:

A: Tommy! What are you looking for in your bag?

B: Nothing, Mrs. Simpson.

A: Please don’t get distracted! There’s very little time left before the bell. Just choose it to check your writing — to be sure there are no mistakes.

B: Ok, I will. But I’m not Shakespeare and there will be mistakes anyway. You never give me very high grades.

A: You’d have a fair chance of improving your academic performance if you were only more attentive.


Dialogue C:

A: Feeling cold?

B: Oh, no, on a contrary, a bit hot. There are so many people here today. And one needs to be attentive and fast to avoid crashing into anyone.

A: I think you do brilliantly.

B: The ice are very good today and the music, too. Why are you still wearing your boots? Come on! Get on the ice!

A: Not today. I hurt my knee a couple of days ago. And I don’t want to take any risks. We are going to the theater tonight, by the way. How about joining us?


Dialogue D:

A: How much did you say the tickets were?

B: I’m not telling you, and you shouldn’t have asked! It’s your birthday present.

A: I know, I know, I’m just…

B: Are you saying you don’t like the performance?

A: No, I can’t be so categorical, some songs were really nice. And I like the city dancers’ performance, but some singers don’t appeal to me at all.



A − 4: In a library

B − 5: In a classroom

C − 1: On a skating rink

D − 2: At a concert





Место действия

4 5 1




Задание 2


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Speaker A: I like family celebrations, when several generations gather around the table and talk and exchange news. My grandmother and I usually make a large apple pie. Everyone in the family loves it. It’s a traditional recipe. To make the apples taste fresh and stay crispy, we add some lemon juice with sugar and vanilla. It’s also important to take the pie out of the oven in time.


Speaker B: It was warm and sunny last weekend and we were glad to spend a couple of days outdoors. We went on a bus trip in a nearby town famous for its parks and a large fruit garden. The garden looked fantastic and most of the apple and pear trees were in blossom. In the café we enjoyed some fruit tea with the delicious apple pie.


Speaker C: I used to do swimming and cycling, but now I’ve got another interest in life. I’ve become keen on drawing. I attend classes in an art school and I like it very much. Today we drew a still life. That is, different things like fruits, flowers and other household objects. We drew a vase with apples. I never thought it could be so difficult to make the apples look realistic in the picture.


Speaker D: My mum always says that the food we eat should be not only tasty, but good for our body too. That’s why she includes lots of fruit and vegetables on our menu. She prefers local seasonal fruit to exotic ones, and believes that there’s nothing better than the green apples from our garden. An apple a day keeps a doctor away, she says. And I think she’s right.


Speaker E: When I was little, I spent lots of time at my granny’s. She and her neighbours had large gardens which made the village look fantastic. I wanted to be a gardener, to take care of flowers, cherry and apple trees, as I enjoyed it very much. I also wanted to grow some more beautiful flower and give it my granny’s name – Nancy. But, that never came true. I work as a sales manager in a telephone company now.



A − 6: The speaker explains how to cook a special dish.

B − 2: The speaker talks about his/her recent day-off.

C − 5: The speaker talks about his/her new hobby.

D − 4: The speaker explains about healthy eating habits.

E − 1: The speaker talks about his/her childhood dream.






6 2 5 4




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Thomas: Hi, mum.

Mum: Oh, Thomas! You’re early today, are you all right? How are you feeling, darling?

Thomas: Don’t worry, mum, I’m fine. Not ill, or anything. We just don’t have our IT class on Mondays anymore. It moved to Fridays, but I forgot to tell you. And the day was really good.

Mum: I’m glad to hear that. How did you manage with the maths test?

Thomas: I did well, I think. It wasn’t really difficult.

Mum: You must be very hungry — you left your lunch box on the kitchen table today.

Thomas: Oh, yes. I discovered that in our lunch break. It was a great disappointment.

Mum: Did you eat in the canteen?

Thomas: No, I didn’t like the food there, you know that.

Mum: And I don’t have anything ready for you at the moment. I’ve just come in. it was a hard day, lots of customers. Everyone’s looking for Christmas gifts. But if you wait a while, I’ll cook spaghetti.

Thomas: Don’t worry, mum. I just get my lunch box. I’ll eat what’s there, and we’ll have dinner later when dad comes home.

Mum: Okay, if that’s what you want.

Thomas: And that reminds me – what time are you planning to finish work tomorrow?

Mum: The shop closes at 6 p.m., why?

Thomas: Your cousin Diana called, she’s arriving tomorrow at 8 p.m. and she asked if you could pick her up from the airport.

Mum: Oh, it’s a two hour drive there, and the same time back again. But…okay. I’ll set off for the airport straight from work.

Thomas: And how about buying Christmas gifts? Are we going to put it off?

Mum: Looks like it. But don’t worry — there’s still a week before Christmas. We’ll have time to buy you a snowboard. That’s what you are worrying about, isn’t it?

Thomas: Well actually…yes. I’ve already arranged with some friends that they’ll teach me how to ride it. And in exchange I’ll teach them how to ski.

Mum: I see. You’ll get your present on time, don’t worry. And as the forecast says, this winter is going to be very good for all that kind of fun in the snow. They promise the nicest and the snowiest winter in years.

Thomas: Good. I felt so disappointed with the weather last year, remember?

Mum: Yeah. It was very unreliable — snow, rain, sleet, slush.

Thomas: And I practically had no chance to ski.

Mum: Let’s hope you make up for it this year.





3. Why has Thomas come from school earlier than usual?

2) His timetable changed.


4. Where does Thomas usually have lunch?

3) He takes a lunch box to school.


5. Where does Thomas’ mother work?

1) She works in a shop.


6. How is Thomas’ mother going to spend the next evening?

3) Driving her car for several hours.


7. What present does Thomas want to get?

2) A snowboard.


8. What kind of weather are Thomas and his mum expecting this winter?

1) Snowy.



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