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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: It’s a nice day for jogging, isn’t it? The weather is very pleasant.

B: Yes, but I jog in any weather, anyway.

A: Even if it rains?

B: Even if it rains. If you want to keep fit, you need to do sports regularly. My jogging route is always the same — from the central gates, round the lake, past the playground, and back to the gates, regardless of what season it is, or what the weather.

A: You seem to take your exercise very seriously.


Dialogue B:

A: Excuse me, but aren’t the sports facilities free for the guests staying here?

B: Most of them are. You can use the gym and the swimming pool, as long as you like, for free. The bowling, table tennis, and billiards are free too.

A: And the golf?

B: That’s not included in your package. I’m sorry, sir.

A: Where can I see the pricelist for them? Here at reception?

B: Yes, here it is. If you pay for three games or more, you’ll get a considerable discount.


Dialogue C:

A: Wow! It looks impressive. Lots of room and it’s not crowded.

B: It’s lunch time. In the morning and in the evening, the place is much busier.

A: I see.

B: The sports equipment is okay. And you can either exercise on your own, or apply to the professional coach. He’ll design a training programme for you, and will supervise you.

A: And what’s this for?

B: Oh, all these accessories like punch bags and gloves are for boxing. You aren’t interested in boxing, I suppose.

A: No, just in aerobics.


Dialogue D:

A: This part of the town is relatively new. There are modern residential buildings, sports centers, a large swimming pool, and so on, and so forth.

B: Are there any historical buildings here?

A: Yes, and that’s where we are heading to. It’s about a fifteen minute drive. It’s a large historical complex with as many as eight churches of the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.

B: Are they still in operation, or have they been converted into museums?

A: Some of them are museums, and some are still working churches. We’ll see both kinds. Now, look to your right. We are passing the stadium. It’s a modern one, and international competitions are even held there.



A − 2: In a park

B − 3: In a hotel

C − 4: In a gym

D − 1: On a bus excursion





Место действия

2 3 4




Задание 2


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Speaker A: I think that sports and exercising is absolutely necessary for young people. Unfortunately, there’s no gym nearby and the local swimming pool is far from my house too. But there are still lots of opportunities anyway. I start my day with physical exercises. I exercise right in my room. I do some gymnastics and then walk to school. I almost never take a bus.


Speaker B: On Sunday, I get up a bit later than usually and go jogging. It normally takes me about an hour or so. Than we have breakfast and, if the weather is ok, we go on a picnic or to the amusement park all together, as a family. If it rains, we go to the cinema. And in the evening I have a half an hour swim in the swimming pool. We are lucky to have one nearby.


Speaker C: I spend almost all my free time here. It’s a good place for doing various sports from gymnastics to swimming. I usually buy a pass for a month. It gives me an opportunity to use the gym and swimming pool as long as I want to. There are also other facilities, for example a cafe where they serve a tasty buns or sandwiches. Naturally the whole place gets crowded at weekends.


Speaker D: I believe that young people should do sports to keep fit. Lucy tries to avoid sports at all costs, but she doesn’t want to look fat or anything, so her way to keep fit is dieting. She eats only one meal a day, and has cut out lots of products like eggs, milk, butter, and even some vegetables. I think it could harm her health, but she won’t listen to me, and we’ve even quarreled on this point.


Speaker E: Sports are important for keeping fit. But I think that eating the appropriate food is very important too. I’m not talking about dieting. I just say that if you prefer simple food like vegetables, fish and eggs, to sweets and buns. If you drink simple water or tea instead of sweet fizzy drinks, it will do only good. Fast food is usually not the best choice.



A − 6: doing sports at home.

B − 1: his/her typical day off.

C − 4: the local sports centre.

D − 2: a disagreement with a friend.

E − 5: healthy eating habits.






6 1 4 2




Задания 3-8


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Tim: Hi, Kate!

Kate: Oh, Tim, hi! I didn’t see you, just reading for my literature exam. How are you doing?

Tim: Fine, thanks. Look, are you coming to Anna’s birthday this Saturday?

Kate: No, unfortunately, I can’t. My aunt’s family is coming over from France for the weekend, so I’ll be with them.

Tim: I see. I just asked because Anna’s invited me. Well, I have no idea what kind of present to give her.

Kate: Hum…

Tim: Do you think she’d like to get a computer game?

Kate: Hum, I’m not sure. She loves flowers and sweets, as far as I know, and all kinds of nice clothes and accessories.

Tim: Flowers will fade in a few days. Sweets will disappear in minutes, and I understand nothing of a girl’s clothes or accessories. I think I’ll give her a computer disk.

Kate: Well…if you want to.

Tim: It’s always a problem for me to shop the presents. I feel absolutely lost and I don’t know what to choose.

Kate: It’s every boy’s problem. But you are usually better than us in sports and outdoor activities like camping.

Tim: As for sports, that’s not really me, but camping, yes, I love it. I don’t mind cooking when we camp. I can do baked potatoes and barbecued meat.

Kate: Can you? Not a typical skill for a boy.

Tim: Actually, when I was in scout camp, all the boys were able to cook simple dishes from very basic ingredients like potatoes, beans, canned meat, and certainly fish. We even caught the fish ourselves. It’s a basic skill for any scout.

Kate: Wow! You are a scout.

Tim: Yes, and we go camping every summer. I missed the last season’s camp, unfortunately.

Kate: Why?

Tim: I broke my leg and spent the whole summer indoors.

Kate: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Is everything fine with your leg now?

Tim: Yes, absolutely. I’m sorry, Kate. I have to be off. I need to walk our dog. It’s actually, my brother’s turn to do it today, but his favourite team is playing, and he’s rushed off to the stadium.

Kate: I didn’t know you had a brother.

Tim: Nobody believes that we are brothers. Actually, we are twins. We were born on the same day, but we’re completely different. We look different, and we’re different in characters as well.

Kate: Are you?

Tim: Yes, Mom says that we’re from different planets.





3. This Saturday Kate is going to

2) spend time with her relatives.


4. Tim wants to give Anna

3) a computer disk.


5. Tim enjoys

3) camping.


6. Last summer Tim

1) stayed at home.


7. Tim has to leave because he needs to

3) walk the dog.


8. Tim’s brother is

2) exactly the same age.



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