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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Hi, I thought I was late?

B: The bell is gone, but Miss Morgan isn’t here yet.

A: That’s a piece of luck.

B: I thought I was going to be late too. I was looking for my mobile, which turned out to be at the bottom of my bag. I always feel so nervous before tests.

A: It’s not only you. Have you managed to revise the vocabulary?

B: As good as… Oh no! I’ve forgotten my essay!


Dialogue B:

A: What are you doing, Tommy?

B: Writing an essay about mobile phones in our life. It seems our French teacher can’t do without our clumsy paragraphs full of mistakes.

A: It’s very good of her, I think. Writing essays regularly is very useful for learning the language.

B: Yeah, probably.

A: I hope you will be through with your homework by eight. Mrs. Clock and Sandra are coming for dinner.

B: That explains the delicious smells from the kitchen. Yes, I’ll do my best. Now I’m motivated.


Dialogue C:

A: Who are you texting?

B: A friend. She’s still at school and I want to ask her to find out about my test result.

A: Are you heading home now?

B: Yes. If we’re lucky, we will catch the four o’clock bus. I would really like to catch it, or we’ll get cold. It’s so windy today.

A: Look, there it is. It’s a bit earlier today, or maybe my watch is a bit slow.


Dialogue D:

A: Please, stop texting. You’re distracting me!

B: There’s nothing to be distracted from, it’s so boring! And if it weren’t for the popcorn, I would have left ages ago.

A: But I like it! It’s a classical psychological drama, and I have to write an essay on it for my French course.

B: Are you saying that I need to watch it to the very end? Then you’ll buy me another bucket of popcorn.

A: Agreed. But turn off your mobile right now! Okay?



A − 3: In a classroom

B − 5: At home

C − 1: On a street

D − 2: In the cinema


Диалог A B C


Место действия

3 5 1




Задание 2


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Speaker A: I love sports, but I’ve never been very extreme. Recently, my friend had a ski holiday in the mountains, but I chose to stay at home. First, I hate cold. I don’t enjoy staying outdoors for longer than half an hour. Second, I find ski boots very heavy and uncomfortable. And the last, but the main reason, is that I could fall over and hurt myself.


Speaker B: I think the winter is the best season of the year, and I take every opportunity to do winter sports. I like skiing best of all. First of all, it’s very exciting to ski down the slope. Lots of people from different places go to skiing, and I like making new friends. And finally, when you ski you enjoy wonderful nature, the beautiful landscape, and the fresh air of the mountains.


Speaker C: I sometimes go to ski resorts with my friends. However, when I first tried this sport it was a great failure. I spent about half an hour putting the boots on! They were heavy, and it was difficult to move in them. Anyway, I got to the hill and fastened the skies…and started to slide down! I wasn’t able to stop! It was really frightening. At last, I fell over and stopped. Very painful!


Speaker D: I ski quite serious and I often take part in different competitions — local, national, and international. Safety is very important for this sport. Apart from quality skies, good boots are important. They should be strong, and high, to protect the ankles. The helmet is also necessary. I also wear sport glasses and the skiing mask to protect my face from the sun, the wind and the snow.


Speaker E: When we go skiing we always stay in one and the same hotel, it’s in a very beautiful place in the mountains, and sometimes even the international competitions are held there. Apart from several ski centers, where we hire skies, there are restaurants there, a medical center, different souvenir shops, and several ski-lifts that can take you to the top of the mountains very quickly.



A − 1: The speaker explains what stops him/her from skiing.

B − 3: The speaker explains why he/she prefers skiing to other sports.

C − 2: The speaker talks about his/her first skiing experience.

D − 4: The speaker describes professional skiing equipment.

E − 5: The speaker describes a ski resort facilities.





Утверждение 1 3 2 4




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Nigel: Oh, Lisa, I didn’t expect to see you here. I thought you didn’t like football.

Lisa: That’s right. I don’t like it! I’m here because of my brother. He’s the goalkeeper for the “Eagles,” and it’s going to be his first game.

Nigel: I wish him luck. Being a goalkeeper means great responsibility. Which of them is your brother?

Lisa: That one, the dark haired one. The referee is talking to him at the moment.

Nigel: Oh yes. I see him.

Lisa: The irony is that everyone in the family, including my little sister, is crazy about football and hockey, but I don’t find them at all interesting. And I’m the one who is here.

Nigel: What sport do you find interesting then?

Lisa: I like gymnastics. But my favorite one is figure skating.

Nigel: Do you skate yourself?

Lisa: Yes. I can’t say that I’m very good at it, but I’m getting better.

Nigel: Do you practice regularly?

Lisa: Unfortunately, not. The skating rink is on the opposite end of the city. And it takes me too long to get there. So I don’t go there very often. I don’t go to the swimming pool for the same reason.

Nigel: I see.

Lisa: But, my brother is very lucky as it takes him about three or four minutes to get here, to the stadium, so he practices with the ball almost every day. Unfair, isn’t it?

Nigel: Yes, a bit. But your brother is slightly older than you isn’t he?

Lisa: No, actually it’s me who is the oldest child in the family, but my brother is taller than me already. I think he’s going to be very tall. Like our dad.

Nigel: Right. And you look very much like your mother. Are your parents here too?

Lisa: Unfortunately, neither of them could come to see the game.

Nigel: Why not?

Lisa: Dad is on the business trip at the moment. He flew to the Germany last week, and is going to be back only at the weekend. They are discussing a project of a huge shopping center there, and dad has to present all the figures and the calculations for the construction. I’m looking forward to seeing him, as he promised me to bring new mobile phone as a present.

Nigel: A good present…and your mom?

Lisa: She is at home with a bad cold.

Nigel: Yeah. It was a very good idea not to come here if she’s unwell. It’s unusually cold and windy today.

Lisa: Right, it’s difficult to believe it’s May. Feels like late autumn.

Nigel: Yeah. Fortunately it’s only going to be a few days, according to weather forecasters. Soon it will be warm again. But for now, you’d better keep on your coat. Or we’ll just risk joining your mother.

Lisa: Ok. Oh, they are about to start the game! They are going to introduce all the players, aren’t they?





3. Lisa’s brother is:

3) a football player.


4. Lisa is fond of

2) figure skating.


5. Lisa lives close to

2) a stadium.


6. Lisa’s father works for

1) a building company.


7. Lisa’s mother is missing the game because she is

1) ill.


8. This football match is played in

3) spring.



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