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Задание 1


Тексты для аудирования


Dialogue A:

A: Hello.

B: Hello, can I help you?

A: Yes, I think so. We need to write an essay about the history of our town. I thought there would probably be some interesting materials here.

B: Yes, if you are doing research we have some absolutely unique sources here, like old brochures, newspapers and magazines. They are in the archive, but you can use them after a preliminary request.

A: Could I borrow them for a day or two, to work at home?

B: Absolutely not! They are for use here only!


Dialogue B:

A: Busy?

B: Not really, just browsing the internet for information. We’re organizing a historical party at school, and I need anything related to the history of our town.

A: I’m not sure you’ll be able to find anything really interesting on the web. But if we go upstairs to granny’s room…

B: Why?

A: When I was small she showed me mother’s collections of newspaper clippings, old photos, letters and postcards. She kept all that in her chest of draws, and I’m sure the collection’s still there.

B: Why didn’t you ever mention this archive before? Let’s have a look at it right now, it sounds interesting!


Dialogue C:

A: Excuse me. Where can I collect my parcel? Here’s the notification.

B: I’m sorry, but I don’t think you can collect it.

A: Why?

B: The parcel came in March. Can you see the date on the stand there? It’s May already! We don’t keep parcels here for longer than a month.

A: Did you send it back to the library? But they are materials I’d ordered from them. I need them for my research.

B: I’m sorry. But those are the rules.


Dialogue D:

A: This is the oldest part of our town. Some buildings, the old post office and the railway station, date back to the 18th century. And you can see that they were built in the traditional colonial style.

B: Are they in use now? I mean they’re not only the historical museums, aren’t they?

A: No, the buildings are in good operating order, and provide services for customers. Right in front of the post office, you can see a photo exposition. It gives a good idea of what this street looked like a hundred years ago. Let’s go there and have a look at it.



A − 1: In a library

B − 3: At home

C − 4: At a post office

D − 2: On an excursion





Место действия

1 3 4




Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: My friend Lucy is a nice person, but there are things about her that drive me mad. One of them is her way of buying clothes. She actually doesn’t just buy things, she tries them on. Even when the colour of the dress doesn’t suit her at all, or when jeans are 3 sizes bigger than hers, she will try them on anyway! Shopping with her takes so much time and effort.


Speaker B: I don’t think that teenagers should wear something expensive, but the clothes should be in line with their personalities. There are lots of similar looking things in the shops, but if you want something really original I make it myself. I enjoy making all kinds of accessories like belts, bags, hand-made jewelry, and decorations. I use different materials for this like leather, fabrics, and other things.


Speaker C: I have dark brown hair and dark eyes. But my mum keeps me buying clothes in beige, brown and dark blue. She says it’s elegant and practical, but I definitely prefer something in light green, orange, or yellow. Green is bright, but it still looks natural. Yellow and orange remind me of the sun and uplift my mood. They can brighten up even in gloomy winter day.


Speaker D: Young people usually prefer an active lifestyle, and this means that their closes should be comfortable, practicable and fashionable too. The best clothes for teens have been usually jeans, t-shorts and jumpers. They can be different in colors from dark ones to bright ones, different in style, either plain or with prints and accessories but they are always trendy and fit for any occasion.


Speaker E: I normally don’t like shopping for clothes, as it takes so much time, and I simply don’t find it interesting. But, when I go to see my friend, I always drop in to a shop on the corner near her house. You can find all kinds of hand-made clothes and accessories there. I bought a scarf and a pair of gloves there for myself. And I also buy all kind of presents there for my friends.



A − 4: his/her friend’s shopping habits.

B − 1: his/her fashion hobby.

C − 6: his/her favourite colours for clothes.

D − 2: clothes popular with teenagers.

E − 5: his/her favourite shop.






4 1 6 2




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Monica: Hi, Tom! Happy birthday!

Tom: Oh, hi Monica, I’m glad you found the time to come.

Monica: It wasn’t easy, really. It’s exam time, and I still need to pass two exams before Christmas.

Tom: You will, don’t worry. And there’s still two weeks before Christmas.

Monica: Which is not a lot! Anyway, it’s your special day, and this is for you.

Tom: What’s this? It looks like a packet of sweets.

Monica: Just take off the packaging and you’ll see.

Tom: Oh, ski sunglasses. They are wonderful, Monica. You knew just what to get. I’m going on a skiing holyday and your present has arrived just in time.

Monica: I’m glad to hear it.

Tom: Please, come in. Let me put your cap and gloves here on the shelf. You’re the first one, actually.

Monica: Oh, who else is coming?

Tom: Some mates from my school baseball team, some classmates, and my older sister. You remember that she’s a university student, don’t you? She studies in Canada, and works there too, but she’s come especially for my birthday.

Monica: Lucky you.

Tom: Yes, she’s always taking care of me. Now it looks funny as I’m taller than her but, she still treats me like a child.

Monica: But it feels good to know that someone cares for you. Are you going to that Canadian university too?

Tom: I don’t know yet. I’ve still got two more years at school anyway, so I’ll decide later.

Monica: Good point. Oh, you’ve got some nice pictures on the wall.

Tom: They’re my mum’s.

Monica: Is she an artist? I didn’t know that!

Tom: Kind of. She does it as a hobby. Our family and friends like them.

Monica: She’s definitely got talent.

Tom: Yeah, but unfortunately she hadn’t got much time for painting. She’s an economist in a large company, and it often means working long hours. Sometimes she has to drive to her office even on weekends.

Monica: Yes, I can understand that. Is she going to be at the party?

Tom: Yes, but she’ll join us a bit later. She’s left to get my birthday cake.

Monica: Where from?

Tom: From my grandmother’s. We never buy birthday cakes in a shop. My granny always makes them by herself and she’s brilliant at it, you’ll see.

Monica: I’m dying to try it. Homemade things are always better. (doorbell) Oh, some more guests have arrived.





3. Tom’s birthday is in:

3) winter.


4. Monica gave Tom

2) a pair of sunglasses.


5. Tom’s sister is

1) older than Tom.


6. Next year Tom is going

2) to continue school.


7. Tom’s mother works as

3) an economist.


8. The birthday cake for Tom has been made by

3) his grandmother.



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