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Задание 1


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Dialog A:


A: But he didn’t mean to. He didn’t mean to kick him.

B: Makes no difference. He kicked the defender from the other team. If the referee didn’t stop such rude behavior, then there’d be lots of injured players by the end of the game.

A: Look, it’s starting to rain.

B: Good. It’ll cool them down a bit.


Dialog B:

A: What are you watching?

B: The semifinal. We’re playing against Germany.

A: Have we got any chance of getting to the final?

B: Theoretically speaking, yes. The German team is strong, but we still have a chance.

A: And have I at least a theoretical chance of switching over to my favorite Discovery channel program tonight?

B: Not a chance, it’s the semifinal. Can’t you understand that?


Dialog C:

A: They’re so cute! Look, they’re trying to play with the ball.

B: The bears? Oh yes, and that one — the darkest one is acting like a goalkeeper.

A: I always have mixed feelings when I come here. On the one hand, all these animals are so cute and it’s so nice to watch them…

B: But…

A: But on the other hand, it’s so sad that they are going to spend their whole lives here, in cages, and not in the forests they belong in.


Dialog D:

A: Feeling bored, aren’t you?

B: Yeah.

A: It’s because you’re lying on the shore like a lazy sea lion. Come on, let’s go for a swim.

B: The water is too cold today.

A: Then let’s have a volleyball or football game.

B: Right here?

A: Yes, I’ve got a ball. I think some other people will join us. Meanwhile, you can be a goalkeeper. You will, won’t you?



A − 3: At a stadium

B − 1: At home

C − 2: At the zoo

D − 4: On a beach





Место действия

3 1 2




Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: It was my friend’s birthday recently. Silly! It took me 4 days to buy him a gift. I wanted to give him a set of paints and brushes. However, when I arrived at the art shop, it was 8pm, and the shop only works till 7pm. The next day, the shop was closed for some technical reason. And on the third day, right in front of the cash desk, I found out that I’d left my money at home. My 4th try was at last a success.


Speaker B: A birthday is a special day for any of us. And if you want a special celebration you need to think about it beforehand. First, make a list of guests. Bare mind that there shouldn’t be too many people, otherwise they’ll split into groups. It’s good when all the guests know each other. And the most important thing is to design a program of activities. Games and contests are an essential part of it.


Speaker C: On my birthday, my parents took me and my two sisters to an amusement park. We rode the rollercoasters, had fun on the swings and ate ice-cream and cakes in a summer cafe. Then we went to the shopping centre. I was supposed to choose a present by myself. And I choose a large teddy bear. It may be silly for a girl who’s just turned 15, but at that moment I fell like a little child.


Speaker D: When you think about arraigning a birthday party, you definitely thing about your menu, which always includes a special cake. If you want to impress your guests, try to make it yourself. It will require lots of your time and lots of different ingredients, like flour, eggs, cream, butter, chocolate, and what not. But be prepared for all kinds of the accidents, like the cake burning in the oven.


Speaker E: I often drop in to this place, as it’s just on the way to my office. In the morning, it’s a nice place to have a coffee and a sandwich. And it the evening, when I have more time, I take some desert — like pancakes with different fittings, or pudding with ice cream, or a cake. They also sell huge cakes for all sorts of celebrations, like birthday and wedding cakes.



A − 6: shopping for a present.

B − 1: how to arrange a birthday party.

C − 5: a family birthday celebration.

D − 3: making a birthday cake.

E − 2: his/her favourite cafe.






6 1 5 3




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Norah: Hi, Simon! Have you been waiting long?

Simon: Hi Norah. Yeah, pretty long, but don’t worry. I understand. You live far from here.

Norah: Yeah. It’s you who’s lucky. You live close to the centre. Very close to this zoo.

Simon: Yeah, it’s nice here — very green, with a good park and a pond. But you shouldn’t complain either. You live in a good area too, near the Central City Stadium.

Norah: It doesn’t mean much to me, you know. I’ve never done any sports. Sport isn’t for me. I’m going to study at the drama faculty.

Simon: Right, but if you want to be an actress, you need to be very fit. It’s not easy to perform on the stage for several hours.

Norah: Yes, you have a point, but still it’s more important to be able to sing and dance.

Simon: And that’s why you don’t worry very much about your science grades?

Norah: Right. Neither maths nor physics is my favourite. Anyway, let’s go! You wanted to show me the zoo, didn’t you? Do we need to buy tickets?

Simon: I’ve already bought them.

Norah: How much do I owe you?

Simon: Nothing. It’s not much, as it’s only half prize for school students.

Norah: Ok, then I’ll buy us some coke.

Simon: That’s ok. And we can have a lunch right in the zoo itself! There is a nice café in there, called “The Goldfish”.

Norah: Good idea.

Simon: They decorate all their dishes with a little fish.

Norah: Funny. And do they have any vegetarian dishes? I don’t eat meat.

Simon: Yes, sure. They’ve got salads and soups, and everything. But I’d recommend the pizza. Shall we share one?

Norah: That’s a good idea. I never mind having pizza. With cheese and mushrooms, Yummy!

Simon: Ok. But it’s time to go. Otherwise, we won’t be able to see all the animals. The zoo is huge. I suggest we start with the dangerous animals — the lions and tigers.

Norah: Oh no, let’s start with the monkeys. They are so funny and cute. I really want to see them.

Simon: Ok, let’s start with the monkeys then. Let me see the map. Well they are…hmm…somewhere here. You should go through the main gate, pass the pond, and here they are. Just between the birds’ territory and the pool for the dolphins.

Norah: Excellent.

Simon: Unfortunately the pool is under the reconstruction at the moment, so we’ll not be able to see the marine animals.

Norah: Never mind, let’s go.





3. Norah lives close to:

3) the stadium.


4. Nora is interested in

1) theatre.


5. To enter the zoo Simon and Nora

3) paid a discount ticket price.


6. Nora and Simon are going to have lunch

2) while visiting the zoo.


7. In the cafe Nora and Simon are going to have

3) a vegetarian pizza.


8. Out of the wild animals, Nora is most fond of

2) monkeys.



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