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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Excuse me, are you ready to order?

B: Yes, but first could you tell me what this salad is made of?

A: Salad “Traveling in the mountains” you mean? Oh, it’s our chef’s original recipe. There’s chicken there, some apples, onion, corn, and different spices. I think you should try it.

B: Okay, if you recommend it, then chicken soup with toast, please, and coffee with milk.


Dialogue B:

A: Morning, can I help you?

B: Yes, I’ve reserved a room here via the Internet.

A: Your name, please.

B: Jack, Jack Flynn.

A: Yes, your room is number 34, on the second floor. I’m sure you’ll like it. It has a wonderful view of the mountains.

B: Fine, I’d like to check in as soon as possible. I’ve been traveling for two days, and I’m dying for a hot shower and a few hours of sleep.


Dialogue C:

A: If you like the mountains, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this trip. And the flight is not very expensive either. It would cost twice as much if you traveled in high season.

B: Where did you say we’ll be staying?

A: In a little hotel, a very nice one. They’ve got their own restaurant, and the chef treats the guests with the best national and European dishes.

B: Okay, and what is that all going to cost for a family of four? Two adults, two children.


Dialogue D:

A: I think I’ve already seen this film.

B: No you can’t have seen it. It’s new and it’s on for a few days.

A: Okay, you may be right. Look, they are traveling in the mountains, but the girl is wearing high-heeled shoes. So silly!

B: Don’t be so cynical about the details. Pass me the popcorn, and enjoy the film.



A – 4: In a restaurant

B – 5: In a hotel

C – 3: In a travel agency

D – 1: In the cinema





Место действия

4 5 3




Задание 2


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Speaker A:

I’ve never been fond of music, but last weekend my friend suggested going to a teenage music club. I agreed and I don’t regret it. We had fun, and the guys from the club showed us how to play the guitar and the drums. They said that I have talent, and the next day I bought a guitar for myself. I’m already able to play some simple melodies and strike several chords.


Speaker B:

I’ve known what I wanted to be since I was three. My father was a pianist and I enjoyed it very much when he played the shiny black piano in our sitting room. Naturally, I entered the music school very early, and by the age of 10 I played the piano and the violin quite well. I continued my education in music, and now I, myself, teach music history and composition in the conservatory.


Speaker C:

It was my birthday yesterday and I got lots of wonderful presents, but the best one was a new bass guitar. The bass guitar is a type of electric guitar, but it has only four strings, and it plays low notes. It sounds great, and it looks great too. The body of the guitar is made of dark wood. The neck is white and shining. My mates from the pop band will die of envy when they see it.


Speaker D:

I’m not fond of music, but my cousin loves it. She called me yesterday and said that she has already bought two tickets to a classical music concert for Saturday. I had to agree to go there with her. I had no choice, as she would never forgive me otherwise. And Sunday is going to be even more difficult. I’m shopping with my mom. I think it will take the whole day.


Speaker E:

I don’t care much about music, but there’s one performance I never miss. Every first Sunday of June, lots of people gather at the main stadium to see a grand show of dance and music. It usually starts in the morning at about 11 o’clock and lasts till 9 in the evening. You can see singers, musicians, and dancers performing in different styles. It’s really worth seeing.



A – 2: The speaker says that he/she has taken up a new hobby.

B – 5: The speaker explains his/her career choice.

C – 3: The speaker describes his/her musical instrument.

D – 6: The speaker talks about his/her plans for the weekend.

E – 1: The speaker describes their local music festival.






2 5 3 6




Задания 3-8


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Dan: Good day, Mrs. Bridge. You asked me to come after classes.

Mrs. Bridge: Hi, Dan. That’s right. I just want to congratulate you on completing the course so successfully. The final tests say you were top of the class.

Dan: Thank you, Mrs. Bridge. It’s very kind of you to say this.

Mrs. Bridge: You’ve deserved it, and I would like to ask you some questions to find out how our students feel about the course and the school.

Dan: Yes?

Mrs. Bridge: You’ve been with us for four weeks. Are you happy with your living conditions?

Dan: Yes, first I wanted to stay with a host family, but when I came to the school, our supervisor said that there was a vacant room in the hostel. My friend and I decided to have a look at it, and we liked it very much. It’s also very convenient. The hostel is just by the school, so I can sleep a bit longer in the morning.

Mrs. Bridge: I see, and do you cook for yourself in the kitchen there, or do you have meal somewhere in the campus, or in the city?

Dan: I usually cook for myself. I can do it quite well. My mom has taught me, and the nearest supermarket always offers fresh vegetables, meat, and fruit, so cooking is not a problem. Eating out in the city is too expensive.

Mrs. Bridge: And the campus cafeteria — they offer really good discounts there if you have your card on you.

Dan: Yes, I know, but I don’t really like the food there. It seems to me too dull and tasteless.

Mrs. Bridge: I see.

Dan: But I use the student card for watching films and for the local sports center.

Mrs. Bridge: By watching films you mean going to the cinema hall down the mall street?

Dan: Yes, there’s always something interesting on. I usually buy early Saturday and Sunday tickets with a student discount, and watch the coolest Hollywood action films for really cheap.

Mrs. Bridge: Do you like action?

Dan: Well, if to choose between cartoons, melodramas, and actions…yes, I choose the actions.

Mrs. Bridge: OK. And, you also mentioned the sports center. How often do you attend it?

Dan: Not very often. Once or twice a week I go to the swimming pool. There’s also a well-equipped gym there. I would like to use it, but there’s no time for that, unfortunately.

Mrs. Bridge: Yes, you were busy with the course, and the cultural program is pretty packed. Did you enjoy the excursions you went on with your class?

Dan: Yes, I did.

Mrs. Bridge: And there’s a farewell party tomorrow in the school. Are you coming?

Dan: I’d love to, but I can’t. I am flying home tomorrow afternoon.

Mrs. Bridge: Oh, that’s a real pity.

Dan: I know, but nothing can be done. I have to go, for family reasons. I’ll be missing school, and my new friends.




3. Dan’s academic results prove that he is

2) a bright student.


4. Dan is staying

1) in a students hostel.


5. Dan usually

3) cooks his meals himself.


6. When going to the cinema, Dan prefers

2) action films.


7. During the course Dan

1) swims quite regularly.


8. Tomorrow afternoon Dan is going

2) to the airport.



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