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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: It’s good you’re in. Aren’t you going out today?

B: No. I want to have a quiet evening watching TV.

A: Have you had a hard day?

B: Yeah, sort of. A cup of tea would make me feel much better.

A: Ok, I’ll make it right now. Will you help me in the kitchen later?


Dialogue В:

A: Did you hear what he said?

B: No. Something about a tea party. That actor speaks so quietly. I have to make an effort to understand what he says.

A: It’s irritating, isn’t it? And the play is really boring.

B: I’m disappointed too. I don’t like either the plot or the actors. Next time we’ll see some classical comedy or drama.

A: Yeah, the classics are probably safer.


Dialogue С:

A: Are you sure they are going to give us some lunch? I’m really hungry.

B: Don’t worry. As soon as we reach the altitude needed for the flight, they’ll offer us drinks — tea, coffee, water or juice. And then you’ll get your plastic lunch tray.

A: You look so relaxed. Don’t you feel nervous?

B: Why should I? I often have to fly. If I worried each time, I would end up with a nervous breakdown. …and … our tea’s coming.


Dialogue D:

A: Excuse me, but did I get it correctly? My train has just left, and the next one will be in three hours?

В: I’m sorry, sir, but that’s correct.

A: And what am I going to do here? Three hours — it’s loads of time!

В: I don’t really know. And you can have some tea and doughnuts in our café, or have a walk along the street. But don’t be late for the next train!




A − 2: At home

B − 5: In the theatre

C − 3: On board a plane

D − 1: At the railway station





Место действия

2 5 3




Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: It was late when we arrived at the hotel and we were lucky to get the last vacant room there. The room was on the second floor. It was not large, but was cozy and clean. There was little furniture there but, it was comfortable and I liked the photos on the walls very much. They showed the mountain peaks. In the morning I saw the same peaks from the window — it was a fantastic view!


Speaker В: Last weekend we went to the mountains. When we got to the airport, we were told that our flight had been delayed and we had to wait there for about two hours. It was very late when, at last, we got to the little inn in the mountains and we felt really tired. But the next morning we forgot all about it — the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed skiing very much. We’ll probably go there again next season.


Speaker С: I have to travel a lot because of my job. Usually, I fly as it’s the quickest way. But when I go for a holiday, I prefer trains. The train is not as fast as the plane, but I like it more anyway. I like reading or looking through the window. It reminds me of my childhood when I travelled to see my grandparents. Modern trains are very comfortable and they don’t pollute the environment as much as planes do.


Speaker D: I travel a lot because of my job, but when I’m on holiday I don’t stay at home either. I’m curious, and travelling is the best way to satisfy my curiosity. I think it’s a great way to explore the world, to meet new people and to learn about other cultures and lifestyles. I enjoy trying new dishes and hunting for unusual souvenirs for my family and friends. I find travelling relaxing too.


Speaker E: I have to know everything about tourist routes, hotels, sights, and attractions, as I work for a travel agency. I help people to choose the trip which is best for them, reserve hotels, buy plane and train tickets and solve their problems if something goes wrong. The first thing I do when I come to the office is check my e-mail and the telephone answering machine for any urgent messages.



A − 4: The speaker describes the hotel room.

B − 2: The speaker talks about his/her recent trip.

C − 5: The speaker talks about his/her favourite transport.

D − 1: The speaker explains why he/she likes travelling.

E − 3: The speaker talks about his/her job responsibilities.






4 2 5 1




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Frank: Hi, Kate! Look, I’m sorry but I won’t be able to come to your party tomorrow.

Kate: Hi, Frank. Why not? You promised! It’s not just a party, it’s my birthday.

Frank: I know, and I’m sorry. But my grandmother’s coming for a short visit. She’ll only be staying with us for one day. And then she’ll be in hospital for a week as she needs some heart treatment.

Kate: Oh, yes, I understand. I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Frank: Yes, she will. And have you got any plans for tonight?

Kate: No, I haven’t yet. Any suggestions?

Frank: How about the pizzeria? They’ve got some new things on the menu, and it’s the closest place to eat.

Kate: Oh, no. I love pizza, but I’ve been to the pizzeria four times during this week. If it goes on, I won’t be able to wear any of my jeans.

Frank: I don’t think you should worry about that as long as you keep doing athletics. Even watching all that running and jumping on TV helps burn extra calories.

Kate: I wish!

Frank: Anyway, walking my dog is another idea for the evening.

Kate: Oh, Frank, you have a dog? I never knew.

Frank: I only got him a week ago. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you some other time.

Kate: And what’s your dog like — something large and powerful, like a bulldog?

Frank: No. I’ve always liked huge, smart dogs. That’s true. But mine is nothing like that. It’s just a small, silly puppy.

Kate: Oh, I like cute puppies! I want to see him. What time do you usually walk him?

Frank: At seven in the morning and I’m more flexible in the evening. He likes walking in our park.

Kate: In the morning and in the evening? I don’t think it’s enough. He needs a walk around lunchtime too.

Frank: Yes, but I can’t do it more often, unfortunately. So, when and where shall we meet? Our usual meeting place, at the bus stop, is not a very good choice now. There are too many people there and my poor puppy may get frightened.

Kate: I’ll be waiting for you both at the park entrance at seven.

Frank: Fine. We’ll get some takeaway there.





3. Frank is going to miss the party because

3) his grandmother is visiting him.


4. Kate is against going to the pizzeria because

3) she’s afraid of putting on weight.


5. Kate

1) does sport regularly.


6. Frank’s dog is

2) a nice little puppy.


7. Frank walks his dog

3) twice a day.


8. Kate and Frank agree to meet

2) near the park.



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