Задание 1


  1. At the railway station
  2. At home
  3. On board a plane
  4. In a restaurant
  5. In the theatre


Диалог A B C


Место действия



Задание 2


  1. The speaker explains why he/she likes travelling.
  2. The speaker talks about his/her recent trip.
  3. The speaker talks about his/her job responsibilities.
  4. The speaker describes the hotel room.
  5. The speaker talks about his/her favourite transport.
  6. The speaker talks about his/her travelling plans.








Задания 3-8


3. Frank is going to miss the party because

1) he feels unwell.

2) it’s his grandmother’s birthday.

3) his grandmother is visiting him.


4. Kate is against going to the pizzeria because

1) the pizzeria is too far away.

2) she dislikes pizza.

3) she’s afraid of putting on weight.


5. Kate

1) does sport regularly.

2) watches sports on TV.

3) ignores sports.


6. Frank’s dog is

1) an old and clever dog.

2) a nice little puppy.

3) a large and powerful dog.


7. Frank walks his dog

1) once a day.

2) three times a day.

3) twice a day.


8. Kate and Frank agree to meet

1) near Kate’s house.

2) near the park.

3) at the bus stop.



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