Задание 1


  1. On board a ship
  2. In a classroom
  3. On an excursion
  4. In a restaurant
  5. At the airport


Диалог A B C


Место действия



Задание 2


  1. The speaker describes his/her school library.
  2. The speaker describes his/her schoolmates.
  3. The speaker describes the school sports facilities.
  4. The speaker talks about his/her favourite school subject.
  5. The speaker explains why he/she had to change school.
  6. The speaker explains why he/she was late for school.








Задания 3-8


3. Nora

1) is going to have a birthday party later.

2) is having a birthday party tonight.

3) had a birthday party some time ago.


4. Nora

1) has failed her Maths exam.

2) has passed her Maths exam.

3) is going to take her Maths exam later.


5. Nora

1) is choosing between two careers at the moment.

2) has no idea what to do in the future.

3) has chosen her future career already.


6. Next year Nora is going to

1) enter university.

2) start working.

3) continue her school education.


7. In the summer Nora wants to

1) go to Italy.

2) go to France.

3) stay at home.


8. Nora can speak

1) Spanish and French.

2) Spanish and Italian.

3) Italian and French.




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