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Задание 1


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Dialogue A:

A: Sorry. I’m a bit late!

B: Never mind. I’ve just arrived myself. How was your day?

A: Tough. And I feel really hungry. Have you ordered anything yet?

B: Only a salad and a coffee. But you should get something more substantial.

A: I will. Just let me have a look. Okay… I’ll have green salad, and some chicken with potatoes, and a dessert.

B: They serve very tasty toffee pudding. You should try it.


Dialogue B:

A: I don’t approve of this habit of yours.

B: Which one this time?

A: Eating while watching TV.

B: Why? What’s wrong with it?

A: You can’t control the amount of food you consume when you watch a film. You’ve already finished two bowls of popcorn and a chocolate bar.

B: And what? School was really hard and I need to relax.


Dialogue C:

A: It was a good idea to get out of the city. Look, the kids are happily flying their kite.

B: Yeah, and they’ve had a hearty meal. I don’t remember them ever eating with such an appetite at home.

A: The sandwiches were really good. I liked the baked potatoes very much, too.

B: They were burned a bit, but they were okay anyway.

A: Could you pass me an apple, please? It’s a pity we have to off soon, they promised the light rain in the evening.


Dialogue D:

A: Apple, tomato juice, or mineral water for you, sir?

B: Mineral water, without gas.

A: Here you are.

B: There’s something wrong with my seat. I can’t put it in the upright position.

A: Just let me see. Press this button on your left.

B: Oh, thanks. Now it’s fine. Will you be serving lunch soon?

A: Yes, in a few minutes. The cart with the lunch boxes is almost ready.



A−5: In a restaurant

B−3: At home

C−1: On a picnic

D−2: On board a plane







Место действия







Задание 2


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Speaker A: I know that lots of students don’t like exams. They would prefer a school without tests and exams at all, but I don’t think it’s possible. Exams help us measure the progress we’ve made, and help us to understand what we have to improve. Students usually need some motivation to learn, and exams are a very effective way to make them study.


Speaker B: I have already taken two exams. I learn English as a foreign language. In the end of my course in the language school, I had to take an exam. At first I was afraid of it, but then I managed to concentrate on the task. I made a few mistakes, but my grade was okay anyway. Later, when I had to take an exam in my art course, I didn’t worry about it at all, and everything went fine for that one too.


Speaker C: If you want to pass your exam successfully, you should remember a few points. The first one – revise all the material you’ve learned, but not on the night before the exam. That night you should have a good sleep, to be able concentrate on your tasks. Second, have a walk before get into the classroom. It will help you to feel more relaxed.


Speaker D:  It was my first exam and I feel frightened and uneasy. I’m quite good at mathematics, but there in the exam room I couldn’t concentrate. The first task took me much more time than it was supposed to. And I simply didn’t manage to complete the test on time. My grade was very low. I didn’t get a pass, and I have to take it again in a month.


Speaker E: It will sound absolutely crazy to most students, but I don’t mind exams at all. More than that, taking exams makes me feel good. It’s like doing sports for me. I have to make some afford to receive the result, and if I manage (and in the most cases I do) I feel very proud of myself. High grades motivate me to learn further. Low grades, if they happen, mark an area for improvement.



A−1: The speaker says that exams are necessary.

B−2: The speaker talks about a successful exam experience.

C−4: The speaker talks about exam preparation.

D−5: The speaker explains why he/she failed the exam.

E−6: The speaker says that he/she enjoys taking exams.







1 2 4 5




Задания 3-8


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Linda: Hi, Sam! I hope I’m not late.

Sam: Hi, Linda. You’re on time. The play starts in half an hour, and it’s only a five minute walk to the place.

Linda: What’s the name of the play, by the way?

Sam: Not sure if I can remember it. It’s something of a classic. I believe we’ve got it on our school reading list.

Linda: And who is starring in it?

Sam: It’s an actor. A famous one, but I don’t remember his name.

Linda: I see. You are definitely not a theater lover.

Sam: No. it’s going to be my first time in five years. I prefer movies or DVDs.

Linda: Yeah, we used to come to your place to watch films from your father’s collection! And your mother treated us with her fantastic pancakes. It’s such a pity that your family moved house. Now you live so far from our school. I hope you are not going to change schools.

Sam: No. it takes me much longer to get there now, but I don’t want to go to another one. I’m used to my classmates. And who would help you with your maths homework?

Linda: Right, all this science stuff is so boring to me. I enjoy languages.

Sam: It’s the only interest we share, isn’t it? We both like French.

Linda: Yes, but I still hope to get you involved in a more active lifestyle too.

Sam: Do you mean sport? Oh no, I’m hopeless at athletics and I can’t swim, and I’d be better off drilling French verbs.

Linda: Hahaha, you’re funny. And did your dog adapt quickly to your new place? My cat feels very restless when we have to put him in another place when we go on holyday or something.

Sam: Oh, Bud is fine, like all Labradors has no problem getting used to a new environment.

Linda: And your parrot?

Sam: It’s a sad story. The parrot flew away a month before we moved house.

Linda: Oh, I’m sorry. I hope someone’s adopted him, and he has new home now as well.

Sam: I hope so too. Why don’t you come and visit us someday to see a new flat? Say… next Saturday? My mom has this week off so she’ll definitely cook something special for Saturday.

Linda: I’d love to, but I can’t. My aunt and cousin are coming from New York for the weekend. We’re…

Sam: I understand. Pity. I mean, that you aren’t coming.

Linda: Some other time. I’m dying to try your mother’s pancakes again.

Sam: And it’s not going to happen very soon. Mom is leaving for some science conference in Germany in a week. And then she’s reading some biology lectures at a Paris University.

Linda: Wow, I can’t understand how she manages to find time for everything.






3. Linda and Sam are talking on their way to

3) the theatre.


4. Linda and Sam are

2) classmates.


5. Both Linda and Sam are fond of

1) languages.


6. At present, Sam’s family has

2) a dog.


7. Next weekend Linda is going to

3) spend time with her family.


8. Sam’s mother is

3) a scientist.



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