Упражнение 5




1) I hate __WAITING__ (wait) for the bus in the rain.

2) Katya loves __PLAYING__ (play) with her new kitten.

3) My father hates __COMING__ (come) home late from work.

4) Ivan doesn’t mind __CUTTING__ (cut) the grass at the family’s dacha.

5) Tatiana likes __HEARING__ (hear) the sound of thunder.

6) My grandfather enjoys __MAKING__ (make) furniture out of wood.

7) Gleb is shy. I doesn’t like __MEETING__ (meet) new people.

8) Natasha likes __GOING__ (go) to the park with her family.

9) Denis hates __FEELING__ (feel) lonely. He likes __BEING__ (be) around people.

10) Do you like __DOING__ (do) your English homework?

11) Anna likes __WALKING__ (walk) in the forrest.

12) Lena likes __SINGING__ (sing) in the choir.

13) I don’t mind __SITTING__ (sit) in the back of the bus.

14) Sonya loves __TALKING__ (talk) to her cousin in England.

15) Evgeny hates __TRYING__ (try) on new clothes.

16) Dmitry likes __SLEEPING__ (sleep) in a tent.

17) The children love __STAYING__ (stay) at their grandma’s house.

18) Nadia and Sasha like __FEEDING__ (feed) the ducks in the pond.

19) Kirill likes __GETTING__ (get) emails from his friends.

20) I don’t mind __LENDING__ (lend) money to my friends.

21) Alona likes __WEARING__ (wear) the new necklace she got for her birthday.

22) My grandpa likes __GIVING__ (give) me gifts.

23) I don’t mind __LEAVING__ (leave) the party early.

24) Olga loves __WRITING__ (write) poems.

25) Yelena enjoys __EATING__ (eat) meals with her family.