Упражнение 4




1) Anna loves __DRESSING_UP__ (dress up) in her mum’s clothes.

2) Kirill enjoys __JUMPING__ (jump) on a trampoline.

3) Andrew loves __OPENING__ (open) presents on Christmas morning.

4) My classmates love __COMPETING__ (compete) for the best grades.

5) My father doesn’t mind __FIXING__ (fix) the car when there is a problem.

6) Mum likes __BAKING__ (bake) pies and cakes.

7) I enjoy __CATCHING__ (catch) butterflies.

8) Ksenia hates __PUTTING__ (put) her toys away.

9) My brother likes __SURFING__ (surf) in Hawaii.

10) My sister hates __CARRYING__ (carry) all her books to school.

11) I like __CHEERING__ (cheer) for my team. They always win

12) Dogs love __CHASING__ (chase) cats.

13) Viktor hates __COPYING__ (copy) all the exercises into this notebook.

14) Lena doesn’t mind __HELPING__ (help) her mum in the kitchen.

15) Artyom likes __KICKING__ (kick) the ball into the net.

16) Mark enjoys __JOKING__ (joke) around with his friends.

17) Natalia likes __DREAMING__ (dream) famous movie stars.

18) Olga and Nastya enjoy __WALKING__ (walk) in the park together.

19) My father enjoys __LISTENING__ (listen) to the news in the evening.

20) The family likes __GOING__ (go) to the Anapa on holiday.

21) Timur doesn’t mind __TAKING__ (take) photos of his classmates.

22) Irina likes __SENDING__ (send) letters to her grandmother in Vladivostok.

23) Boris loves __TELLING__ (tell) scary stories to his nephews.

24) Polina likes __WRITING__ (write) her blog about life in England.

25) Ilya hates __BUYING__ (buy) new clothes.