Упражнение 2




1) They like __PLAYING__ (play) chess.

2) She likes __PAINTING__ (paint).

3) He enjoys __TAKING__ (take) photos.

4) They don’t like __DOING__ (do) their maths homework.

5) Children don’t mind __GOING__ (go) to school.

6) He sometimes  likes __WATCHING__ (watch) YouTube.

7) He hates __FISHING__ (fish).

8) She and her sister love __MAKING__ (make) videos on TikTok.

9) They don’t like __EATING__ (eat) vegetables.

10) They like __RIDING__ (ride) their skateboards.

11) She doesn’t like __PLAYING__ (play) handball.

12) He enjoys __WATCHING__ (watch) action films.

13) Dasha and I like __SWIMMING__ (swim) in the Black Sea.

14) She fancies __MEETING__ (meet) her friends after school.

15) He doesn’t like __LISTENING__ (listen) to rap music.

16) She doesn’t mind __CLEANING__ (clean) the classroom.

17) He likes __READING__ (read) comics at his cousins’ house.

18) She loves __EATING__ (eat) chocolates when she is sad.

19) Do you fancy __GOING__ (go) to the cinema on Saturday?

20) Andre doesn’t mind __HELPING__ (help) his sister with her homework.

21) Does Sergey like __WAKING_UP__ (wake up) early on Saturdays?

22) My dog hates __WEARING__ (wear) a sweater in the winter.

23) Yulia hates __SINGING__ (sing), but she likes __ACTING__ (act).

24) Dmitry likes __VISITING__ (visit) his cousins at the weekend.

25) My father doesn’t mind __TAKING__ (take) the bus to work.