Упражнение 1




1) I like __GOING__ (go) out with friends.

2) She doesn’t like __PLAYING__ (play) any sport.

3) He hates __COOKING__ (cook).

4) She loves __SWIMMING__ (swim).

5) I like __DANCING__ (dance).

6) My mother loves __SINGING__ (sing).

7) He hates __DANCING__ (dance).

8) I like __READING__ (read) books.

9) They love __PLAYING__ (play) games.

10) He likes __RUNNING__ (run).

11) Nadia doesn’t like __WALKING__ (walk) in the rain.

12) Diana hates __DOING__ (do) maths homework.

13) My grandmother like __DRINKING__ (drink) tea.

14) Elena doesn’t mind __LOOKING__ (look) after her younger brother.

15) Daniel loves __PLAYING__ (play) football in the park.

16) My father hates __WASHING__ (wash) the dishes.

17) My daughter likes __PLAYING__ (play) with her dolls.

18) Yulia likes __WALKING__ (walk) with her friends after school.

19) Andrei hates __GETTING__ (get) up early in the morning.

20) Do you like __PLAYING__ (play) computer games?

21) My parents don’t mind __HELPING__ (help) me with homework.

22) My brother and I love __WATCHING__ (watch) cartoons on TV.

23) Do you like __FISHING__ (fish) with your grandpa?

24) Do you mind __SITTING__ (sit) next to Victor?

25) I hate __WAITING__ (wait) for the bus.