Упражнение 5




1) This is __MY__ (I) friend Ted. I like __HIM__ (He) very much.

2) Are these __YOUR__ (You) magazines?  Do you mind if I read __THEM__ (They)?

3) Pavel rode the bike that __HIS__ (He) parents gave __HIM__ (He) for __HIS__(He) birthday.

4) I can’t see Yulia. I can’t see __HER__ (She).

5) This is not __YOUR__ (You) school bag, it’s __MINE__ (I). __YOURS__ (You) is over there.

6) Sasha helps __HER__ (She) brother with __HIS__ (He) homework, and he helps __HER__ (She).

7) Tanya has two dolls. __THEIR__ (They) names are Bill and Jane. She always plays with __THEM__ (They).

8) Do you see that boy? __HIS__ (He) name is Brian. Do you know __HIM__ (He)?

9) These are __OUR__ (We) grapes. Granny gave __THEM__ (They) to __US__ (We).

10) __MY__ (I) name is Nikita, what is __YOURS__ (You)?

11) This is __MY__ (I) apple.

12) Misha has a brother. __HIS__ (He) name is Andrei.

13) Misha has a sister. __HER__ (She) name is Sofia.

14) Those are my pencils. Give __THEM__ (They) to me!

15) We are going to the store. Do you want to come with __US__ (We)?

16) __MY__ (I) father is a pilot.

17) What is __YOUR__ (You) name?

18) This is __OUR__ (We) new home. Do you like it?

19) The children forgot to do __THEIR__ (They) homework.

20) That’s not your sandwich. It is __MINE__ (Me).

21) This is my sandwich, and that is __YOURS__ (You).

22) That is not my pencil case, it is __HIS__ (He).

23) These shoes are __HERS__ (She). She bought __THEM__ (They) yesterday.

24) These apricots are __OURS__ (We). We bought them at the market.

25) These aren’t our books. I think they are __THEIRS__ (They).