Упражнение 4




1) Iron Man is __MY__ (I) favorite superhero.

2) What do you want __ME__ (I) to do?

3) My grandfather took __US__ (We) to the cinema on Saturday.

4) That is my sister’s doll. Give it to __HER__ (She).

5) Do you know that boy? I don’t know __HIM__ (He).

6) My name is Daniil. What is __YOUR__ (You) name?

7) I have two bananas. Do you want __THEM__ (They)?

8) __OUR__ (We) class has a new teacher.

9) I have a cat. __ITS__ (It) name is Tiger.

10) There are my shoes. Where are __YOURS__ (You)?

11) We love grandmother, and she loves __US__ (We).

12) The Avengers is __MY__ (I) favorite film.

13) What is __YOUR__ (You) favorite film?

14) I have a friend. __HIS__ (He) name is Volodya.

15) I know that girl. __HER__ (She) name is Kristina.

16) We like New Year’s. It’s __OUR__ (We) favourite holiday.

17) My aunt and uncle are having a party at __THEIR__ (They) flat tomorrow.

18) Can I use your telephone? I don’t have __MINE__ (I) with me.

19) My hamburger is here. Where is __YOURS__ (You)?

20) My father forgot to take his umbrella today, so this must be __HIS__ (He).

21) I found these notebooks on the table. Are they __HERS__ (She)?

22) Is this your football? Yes, it’s __OURS__ (We), said the boys.

23) Is this your football? No, it’s __THEIRS__ (They), said the boys.

24) I want to play with Sergey, but he doesn’t want to play with __ME__ (I).

25) Are they a new music group? I never heard of __THEM__ (They).