Упражнение 3


Притяжательные местоимения

Заполните пропуски в предложениях правильным притяжательным местоимением.


1) No, this is not your cup. __________ (You) is over there.

2) Is this their house? No, that green house is __________ (They).

3) This coat is __________ (I). Your coat is over there.

4) That computer is _________ (We). We bought it yesterday in the shopping centre.

5)  Please give this book to Dmitry. It’s __________ (He).

6) Is that Galina’s phone? Yes, I’m sure it’s __________ (She).

7) That new car is _________ (They). They bought it last week.

8) She likes buying clothes. __________ (She) are always very beautiful.

9) There are two teams. Our team always beats __________ (They).

10) That red cap is __________ (I). I wore it to school today.

11) Those flowers are __________ (She). She bought them for her mother.

12) Those keys are __________ (He). He forgot to take them this morning.

13) My brothers and I own a café. People say that __________ (They) is the best cafe in the city.

14) My aunt and uncle built a house last year. __________ (They) is the biggest house in the village.

15) I know she has a black BMW. Is that black BMW __________ (She)?

16) Nadia, are those children over there __________ (She)?

17) Don’t eat those cookies. Mum baked them for us. They are __________ (We).

18) Albert, I found this rubber on the floor. Is it __________ (You)?

19) I got those computer games for my birthday. They are __________ (I).

20) These books belong to my brother. They are __________ (He).

21) Do you know that girl over there? Is she a friend of _________ (You)?

22) This is __________ (You) — you wanted a hamburger. I wanted spaghetti.

23) Tanya can’t find her keys, but Olga and Natasha can find __________ (They).

24) Don’t eat that piece of cake! Mum gave it to me. It’s __________ (I).

25) That school bag has Katya’s name on it, so it must be __________ (She).