Упражнение 2


Притяжательное прилагательное

Заполните пробелы в предложениях с правильным притяжательным прилагательным.


1) Artyom likes ____________ (He) new shirt.

2) Elena visits ____________ (She) grandmother every week.

3) My cousins bring ___________ (They) skateboards when they come to my house.

4) The dog plays with _____________ (It) toys in the garden.

5) I often forget _____________ (I) telephone at home.

6) Do you often forget to do __________ (You) homework?

7) We bring  ____________ (We) books to class every day.

8) The grandmother likes giving sweets to __________ (She) grandchildren.

9) Sofia and Anna play with __________ (They) dolls.

10) We love ________________ (We) teacher. She is very nice.

11) The pupils always do __________ (They) homework.

12) My father likes to watch videos on __________ (He) computer.

13) I often ride __________ (I) bicycle in the park.

14) Do you always eat ______________ (You) breakfast at home?

15) London is famous for __________ (It) double-decker buses.

16) Emily walks to school with __________  (She) sister.

17) We always visit __________ (We) cousins at New Year’s.

18) Maxim likes painting pictures for __________ (He) mother.

19) I like buying __________ (I) clothes on the internet.

20) There is a new girl in our class. Do you know ____________ (She) name?

21) Where did you buy __________ (You) new bike?

22) I have a cat. __________ (It) name is Fluffy.

23) We always wash __________ (We) hands before eating dinner.

24) These are my cousins. __________ (They) names are Boris and Nikolai.

25) My dog always sleeps in __________ (It) doghouse.