Упражнение 1


Объектные местоимения

Заполните пробелы в предложениях правильным объектным местоимением.


1) She loves Daniel, but Daniel doesn’t love ________ (She).

2) There is a new film in the cinema. Do you want to see ________ (It)?

3) You don’t speak English very well. I don’t understand ________ (You).

4) There is something wrong with my phone. Can you hear ________ (I)?

5) We’re lost. Can you help ________ (We)?

6) They are our new neighbors. Have you met ________ (They)?

7) Sergey is my best friend. I walk to school with ________ (He) every day.

8) She is my classmate. I see ________ (She) every day.

9) My grandparents live far away. I don’t see ________ (They) very often.

10) This film is terrible. I hate ________ (It).

11) I have new sunglasses? Do you like ________ (They)?

12) My sister and I are coming to Moscow next week. Can you meet ________ (We) at the airport?

13) That’s my book! Can you give it back to ________ (I)?

14) He is our new chemistry teacher. What do you think of _________ (He)?

15) I can’t talk right now. Can you call ________ (I) back in 30 minutes?

16) My sister loves all animals, but cats are ________  (She) favorite.

17) We were late to the concert, so they wouldn’t let ________ (We) in.

18) My brother thinks he is smarter than ________ (I).

19) These desserts are not very tasty. I don’t like ________ (They).

20) My sister and I love our grandma. She takes ________ (We) shopping with her.

21) My dad bought a new car. He really likes ________ (It).

22) I bought five books at the book shop today. Where should I put ________ (They)?

23) My brother is very funny. He always makes ________ (I) laugh.

24) If you are nice to Alina, she will be nice to ________ (You).

25) Basketball is my favorite sport. I really love ________ (It).