Упражнение 5




1) We arrived in Russia __IN__ December. It was cold!

2) Where were you __AT__ twelve o’clock?

3) My birthday is __ON__ Friday 13th.

4) Are you busy __ON__ Saturday afternoon?

5) It rains a lot __IN__ April.

6) Did you live in Russia __IN__ 2015?

7) Have you ever swum in the sea __AT__ midnight?

8) I never get up __AT__ 7 o’clock __AT__ the weekends.

9) Our next lesson is __ON__ Tuesday, __AT__ three o’clock.

10) Good bye! See you __ON__ Monday.

11) We’ll go to my cousin’s house __ON__ Saturday.

12) I lived in Germany __IN__ the 1970s.

13) Where is Katya? Doesn’t she have a lesson __AT__ 11:30?

14) I will start __IN__ a few weeks.

15) Liza will start her new job __ON__ Monday.

16)  We got up early __IN__ the morning yesterday.

17) __IN__ the spring, there are lot of flowers in our garden.

18) They had a picnic __ON__ Saturday afternoon.

19) Does it really get hot here __IN__ the summer?

20) My family moved to this country __IN__ 2008.

21) He is at the library __AT__ the moment.

22) I often go fishing __IN__ the spring.

23) I’m going on holiday __IN__ a few weeks.

24) People can go swimming __AT__ Christmas in Australia.

25) I drink tea __IN__ the evening. It helps me to relax.