Упражнение 4




1) I don’t like walking alone in the city centre __AT__ night.

2) Do you ever work __ON__ Sundays?

3) She’ll be at home __ON__ Friday.

4) My girlfriend and I met __ON__ St. Valentine’s Day.

5) Do you think dogs dream __AT__ night?

6) What do you want to do __ON__ Friday afternoon?

7) My sisters often go out __IN__ the evenings.

8) Nikita is going to a concert __ON__ Friday evening.

9) My mother is having a shower __AT__ the moment.

10) I hate going shopping __ON__ Black Friday.

11) The stores are beautifully decorated __AT__ Christmas time.

12) My brother will be back __IN__ thirty minutes.

13) What do you want to do __AT__ the weekend?

14) Let’s meet tomorrow __AT__ noon.

15) Why do you want to do your homework __ON__ Sunday afternoon?

16) We’re going to have a party __ON__ Saturday evening.

17) The museum opens __AT__ 11:00 a.m.

18) My father was born __IN__ 1975.

19) I watched a horror film last __AT__ midnight. It was scary.

20) Do you have a lesson __ON__ Wednesday?

21) My parents were married __IN__ June.

22) They came back from holiday __ON__ Friday.

23) We agreed to go to Thailand holiday __AT__ New Year’s.

24) They drove to the Black Sea __ON__ the 4th of July.

25) The temperature is much cooler __AT__ night.