Упражнение 3




1) My sister will be back __IN__ an hour.

2) I usually eat shashlik __ON__ my birthday.

3) Evgeny’s birthday is __ON__ Friday.

4) I was in London __IN__ 2016.

5) My friends and I sat and talked __AT__ lunchtime in the café.

6) __AT__ the weekend we usually go to the dacha.

7) My mum doesn’t work __ON__ Saturdays.

8) The film starts __AT__ 10.30 p.m.

9) My family goes on a skiing holiday __IN__ the winter.

10) Columbus discovered America __IN__ 1492.

11) __ON__ Christmas Day, there are lots of presents under the tree.

12) I am never hungry __AT__ lunchtime.

13) My sister always calls from university __IN__ the evening.

14) I saw my grandmother and grandfather __AT__ Christmas.

15) I saw my grandmother and grandfather __ON__ Christmas day.

16) School started __ON__ Monday, 1st September.

17) My cat often likes to go out into the garden __AT__ night.

18) Sometimes, my mum likes to get up __AT__ sunrise.

19) Punk music was popular __IN__ the 1970s.

20) Alona has a tennis lesson __ON__ Sunday morning.

21) Let’s meet in front of the cinema __AT__ six o’clock.

22) I visited California __IN__ 2010.

23) Daniil likes to take a short nap __IN__ the afternoon.

24) Daria was ill __ON__ Tuesday. She didn’t go to school.

25) Do you like going to school __ON__ Saturdays?