Упражнение 2




1) I was born __AT__ 3:45am __ON__ a Sunday morning.

2) We’re flying to Moscow __ON__ Thursday.

3) In the summer, it’s always hot __IN__ the afternoon.

4) The train leaves the station __AT__ 11:30.

5) The lesson finished __AT__ half past ten.

6) I usually phone my granny __AT__ the weekend.

7) My mum bakes a special cake __AT__ Christmas.

8) My father always takes a shower __IN__ the morning.

9) Does school usually start __AT__ 8:00am?

10) My brother was born __IN__ 1999.

11) His birthday is __ON__ the fifth of May.

12) In Siberia, it always snows __IN__ the winter.

13) I don’t go to school __AT__ the weekend.

14) The Arizona desert sky is beautiful __AT__ sunset.

15) Eurovision is held every year __IN__ May.

16) Do you find it difficult to sleep __AT__ night when you have an exam the next day?

17) I always eat pancakes __ON__ the last day of Maslenitsa.

18) Halloween is celebrated __ON__ the 31st of October.

19) What do you usually do __AT__ the weekend?

20) Is your birthday __IN__ September?

21) What are you doing __AT__ the moment?

22) Sasha likes to take a nap __IN__ the afternoon.

23) My dog likes to sleep in bed with me __AT__ night.

24) The first Pirates of the Caribbean film was made __IN__ 2003.

25) Let’s meet __ON__ Thursday afternoon.