Упражнение 5


наречия частоты

Поместите наречие и глагол в правильные места в каждом предложении.


1) The English weather sunny. (be/hardly ever)

2) My father a suit to work. (wear/always)

3) Does your mother a nap in the afternoon? (take/sometimes)

4) Do your parents to restaurants? (go/often)

5) Does he lunch at noon? (have/usually)

6) Does she the same pair of shoes. (wear/always)

7) Do they at the same hotel? (stay/usually)

8) Do we camping in the mountain? (go/sometimes)

9) Do the British tea for breakfast? (have/always)

10) Does your father hamburgers at the weekend? (cook/usually)

11) Do you shopping on Saturday? (go/always)

12) When does the postman the mail? (bring/usually)

13) My family to a restaurant? (go/occasionally)

14) I to music when I do my homework. (listen/sometimes)

15) Does your mum to the fitness centre? (go/usually)

16) My sister happy. (be/always) She sad. (be/never)

17) Oleg sport on TV in the evening. (watch/occasionally)

18) Why do children to do their homework? (forget/sometimes)

19) It in Florida. (snow/hardly ever)

20) Julia hungry after school. (be/usually)

21) Do you your teeth after every meal? (brush/always)

22) Do you all your vegetables at dinner? (eat/always)

23) Does Lena to MOST camp in the summer? (go/always)

24) Andrei late for school. (be/often)

25) I computer games before I do my homework. (play/sometimes)