Упражнение 4




1) Alex NEVER DOES his homework on Saturday. (do/never)

2) I AM ALWAYS happy at the weekend. (be/always)

3) I SOMETIMES MEET my best friend at the park. (meet/sometimes)

4) I OFTEN GO OUT on Saturday Morning. (go out/often)

5) The films ARE USUALLY interesting. (be/usually)

6) We HARDLY EVER WATCH films on TV nowadays. (watch/hardly ever)

7) We SOMETIMES HAVE pizza after watching a film at the cinema. (have/sometimes)

8) I OFTEN TIDY my room when I am bored. (tidy/often)

9) Susan NEVER DOES her homework in the kitchen. (do/never)

10) Henry and Tina ARE USUALLY late for class. (be/usually)

11) I AM ALWAYS at home on Sunday mornings. (be/always)

12) We HARDLY EVER GO OUT at night during the week. (go out/hardly ever)

13) My brother ALWAYS EATS pizza on Tuesday for lunch. (eat/always)

14) Ivan NEVER GOES to school by bus. (go/never)

15) Olga and Marina SOMETIMES HELP their mum with the cooking (help/sometimes)

16) Mum NEVER LETS us eat fast food. (let/never)

17) Our teacher USUALLY GIVES the class homework to do at the weekend. (give/usually)

18) My dog ALWAYS SLEEPS in my bed with me. (sleep/always)

19) I OFTEN VISIT my grandparents at holidays. (visit/often)

20) I love shashlik. I ALWAYS HAVE it for dinner on my birthday. (have/always)

21) Evgenia ALWAYS GETS UP at 07:00 in the morning (get up/always)

22) When I meet someone for the first time, I USUALLY FORGET their name. (forget/usually)

23) Alexandra OFTEN READS for an hour before she goes to bed. (read/often)

24) My teacher gives us so much homework that I HARDLY EVER HAVE time to relax. (have/hardly ever)

25) Our class IS ALWAYS happy when the teacher doesn’t give us a test. (be/always)