Упражнение 2




1) I NEVER watch romantic comedies. (0%)

2) Daniel ALWAYS eats fish and chips when he visits England (100%)

3) I am NEVER late for school when I go to bed early (0%)

4) My football team USUALLY wins their matches, but they lost yesterday. (90%)

5) My teacher OFTEN gets angry with me because I forget to do my homework. (70%)

6) Cyprus is a sunny island. It HARDLY EVER rains there. (5%)

7) Vika and Lera SOMETIMES walk with their friends after school. (50%)

8) Since my best friend went to college, I OCCASONALLY see her at the weekends. (30%)

9) I USUALLY drink coffee in the morning. (70%)

10) The biology teacher has a car, so he NEVER walks to school (0%)

11) My mum and dad OFTEN ride their bikes on Sundays. (70%)

12) I ALWAYS have judo lessons on Wednesday afternoon. (100%)

13) Igor doesn’t eat breakfast, so he is USUALLY hungry at school. (90%)

14) I OCCASIONALLY fall asleep in class. (30%)

15) Does your father USUALLY drive you to school in the morning? (90%)

16) Those kids NEVER study for their exams. (0%)

17) Katya SOMETIMES reads a book before going to bed. (50%)

18) Because of email, I HARDLY EVER write letters anymore. (5%)

19) I am lucky. My teacher NEVER checks my homework. (0%)

20) The mailman ALWAYS gets chased by our dogs. (100%)

21) What do you USUALLY do on Saturday afternoons? (90%)

22) Do you OCCASIONALLY stay up late at the weekends? (30%)

23) My sister ALWAYS hates watching scary movies at night. (100%)

24) Alexander is a very friendly boy. He NEVER gets angry at anyone. (0%)

25) Lydia is very shy. She HARDLY EVER talks to anyone at school. (5%)