Упражнение 1




1) What do you __USUALLY__ eat when you go to a cafe? (90%)

2) When we go to the dacha, my dad __ALWAYS__ cooks shashlik. (100%)

3) Anna __HARDLY_EVER__ takes the dog for a walk. (5%)

4) My brother __SOMETIMES__ plays the ukulele. (50%)

5) When I buy ice cream, I __OFTEN__ like getting chocolate. (70%)

6) Sergey is too shy, so he will __NEVER__ be an actor, like his cousin. (0%)

7) My father __SOMETIMES__ plays computer games with me. (50%)

8) Svetlana __HARDLY_EVER__ listens to the radio. (5%)

9) Do you __ALWAYS__ have to stand up when the teacher comes into the room? (100%)

10) Although I like football, I only __OCCASIONALLY__ watch it on TV. (30%)

11) How __OFTEN__ do you go to the mountains with your family? (70%)

12) Angelina __USUALLY__ goes to the shop to buy bread for dinner. (90%)

13) Oksana likes reading books, but she __NEVER__ reads detective stories. (0%)

14) The lift in my building is old. It __HARDLY_EVER__ works. (5%)

15) When I am playing computer games, my father __ALWAYS__ tells me to do my homework. (100%)

16) David __OCCASIONALLY__ writes letters to his cousin in America. (30%)

17) I have bad luck. It __USUALLY__ rains on my birthday. (90%)

18) I __SOMETIMES__ walk with my parents in the evening. (50%)

19) Lena lives next to school, so he is __NEVER__ late for classes. (0%)

20) Ksenia __ALWAYS__ goes to her family’s dacha at the weekend. (100%)

21) Grandma __OFTEN__ makes borsht when I visit her. (70%)

22) How long do you __USUALLY__ spend doing your English homework? (90%)

23) Do you __ALWAYS__ go to the cinema with your brother? (100%)

24) The new boy __HARDLY_EVER__ speaks to anyone at school. (5%)

25) After school, I __SOMETIMES__ go skateboarding with my friends. (50%)